What Is The Age of Aquarius?

Don Martin, Publisher


In astrological terms, the age of Aquarius is when the sun’s position at the time of the vernal equinox (March) moves in front of the constellation of Aquarius. Not only do the planets move in orbit around the sun, the sun itself moves in orbit around the center of the galaxy.  In addition, the sun revolves around its solar axis, just as the earth revolves around its own axis.  The solar system - the planets that comprise the solar family - moves through space in revolutions around the sun due to the gravitational influence of the sun's own revolution.  As the sun moves through this local region of space, it changes position relative to the constellations around it.  


The position of the sun relative to the constellations in the galactic sky is known as an astrological age.  As the sun moves through space, its position exposes the planet earth (and the humans and other life forms on it) to new energies and new influences on evolution of human consciousness.


An astrological age lasts 2,500 years (more or less). There are not any boundaries that delineate the exact time of an astrological age; an age dawns slowly, over decades. The influences and energies that impact human consciousness and development happen gradually - but if we observe over a long period of time, we will discern the changes that are guiding our evolution.


As a species, we are transitioning from the previous astrological age, the Age of Pisces (500 BC - 2000). This age, along with the prior age of Aries, was a time in which the evolution of human consciousness was guided by the very human needs of mastering the environment, surviving in a hostile and predatory world, and creating cultural and social systems that could sustain human survival. 


The age of Aries (3000 BC to 500 BC) was a time of law giving and establishing strong hierarchical structures that could utilize power to dominate the environment. Because males possessed greater size, strength and physical power, the age of Aries allowed for the creation of male-dominated hierarchical structures that could establish dominance through the use of force, power, and law. As a result, humans moved from caves to villages, tribes, towns, cities, nations... and civilization was born.


The Age of Pisces was characterized by emergence of a thought system that supported the structures created in the age of Aries. The sign of Pisces is two fish, representing a yin and yang...that is, a dual nature. Duality was the thought system that emerged during the Piscean age. At its core was the notion that God and humanity are separated. This separation was also reflected in human relationships - men v. women, young v. old, black v. white.  Everything was viewed through the lens of duality - there was good and bad, right and wrong, us and them.


Built on the structures of the age of Aries, the Piscean system of duality created walls of separation and division. Though necessary for the formation of identity and sustainability, it nevertheless led to viewing the “Other” (that which is not me or mine) as separate, different, and in most cases, wrong. Because humanity was viewed as separate from God, and God must be good, then humanity was viewed as sinful/broken/wrong.  Coming, as it were, in the backwash of the age of Aries, the duality of the Piscean age was reinforced through law, hierarchy, and force.


No longer needing to dominate and survive within a hostile natural world (because of the advent of civilization) human societies now sought to dominate other societies. Thus, the age of Pisces became an age of war, violence, power through strength, and morality based on fear and guilt rather than love and enlightenment.


With some important exceptions, everything around us is built on the foundation of Arien (Aries) hierarchical structures and the Piscean philosophy of duality. We have all been programmed to see “us” and “them”, God “out there”, power through strength (and violence if need be), and domination rather than cooperation.


As mentioned before, the symbol of Pisces is two fish.  It is interesting that fish were chosen as the symbol of Pisces…because the dominant image for the age of Aquarius is water (Aqua = water).  


The sun - and thus, the planet earth - began to move into the influence of Aquarius energy at the first of the 20th century.  We are now fully in the initial era of the Age of Aquarius.  Piscean energies are fading, Piscean structures are crumbling, and the last generation of those humans born in the age of Pisces will be dying within the next 20 years.  


The age of Aquarius is a time when the universal energies are bringing into focus the Big Picture…thus, water is the symbol (ie, ocean).  Water, the source of life and … unity!  At the heart of Aquarius is Oneness which brings about the end of duality. Water symbolizes convergence, blending, and flow. The God/human, us/them, power/force paradigms of the Age of Pisces are being replaced by an emerging experience of and understanding of unity, oneness, and collective consciousness.


Increasingly, God is no longer understood as “out there (or up there).” God is here, now, within every human and every moment. Humanity and God are one; there is no distinction. Every human is sacred, divine. All humans share this amazing divine nature, and therefore are essentially one. There is no “us” and “them.” We are One.


As a result of this essential unity (and the end of duality) a new age of love, cooperation, collective empowerment and enlightenment is coming - and indeed, has already begun. It is (and will be, for the next 2000+ years) transforming everything - individual life, families, government, business, technology, economics, religion.


Namaste is becoming the social ethic of the planet. “Namaste” is a blessing which means: “I recognize and honor the Divine You.” When we extend Namaste to others, we bring about a fundamental transformation of human consciousness, because we recognize the sacred value of the Other.  We also increasingly recognize our own sacred value, and thus we are empowered to fulfill our great potential.  


There are many changes and shifts that are taking place as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius.  It is interesting to note that the symbol of Aquarius is water…and water is the source of life.  But not only life…it is also the source of POWER.  Electricity is the result of the energy stored within and released through the flow of water.  And electricity is what has brought light, and ultimately knowledge (through the internet) to the greatest percentage of the world’s population that has ever had access to knowledge.


Light and knowledge is unifying the human race.  No longer can the hierarchical male-dominated power structures of politics, religion and business control what people think, and know.  As we know more, and as we evolve into that knowledge, we are experiencing greater unity as a species.  And that unity creates incredible spiritual and psychic power.  


In the next 100 years or so, Piscean structures will fail and crumble.  Don’t expect them to go without a fight, though.  Pisces is all about power, and control.  Losing that control will not be taken lightly.  Conflict and agitation will continue in our societies.  However, a dawning sense of unity, compassion and cooperation will emerge.


The age of Aquarius will bring about amazing - and indeed almost magical - transformation in the understanding of what it means to be human.  For example, think how much has changed in the past 30 years, as computers have moved into nearly every home, and are now accessible in wrist watches worn on the arm.  


Ray Kurzweil, a leading scientist (the creator of verbal recognition software) and philosopher, has predicted an event he calls “The Singularity.”  The Singularity is when human consciousness and artificial intelligence will merge, and become one.  At that time, humans will be able to “exist” in artificial form, and computing power will be available to the human mind.  


Kurzweil predicts that The Singularity will occur in 2040.  That means in 23 years, human consciousness will merge with artificial intelligence!!  How mind blowing!!  Kurzweil proposes that within 100 years, human consciousness will be able to fully integrate with computer technology and placed within robots or other types of machines.  When that happens, the individual human consciousness of a person will be virtually immortal.  


Is it possible that within 100 years, immortality will be available to humans?


Can you imagine what that will mean for human evolution?  


THAT is the magic, mystery and potential of the Age of Aquarius.  Many evolutionary changes await humanity as the energies of the Age of Aquarius impact our consciousness.  An awakening humanity will grow more and more into its fullest divine potential.  


We are living in the age of Aquarius, right now.  An amazing and magical future awaits us.  


Aquarius Magazine (and Aquarius Media Network) is devoted to exploring what it means to be living in the New Age of Aquarius.  We hope you will take the journey with us, as we evolve into the amazing potential of what it means to be human.