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The Namaste Conspiracy

I wrote these words just after the weekend of protest, violence and racial hatred that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia almost two years ago. So much mind-numbing violence has occurred in our nation since then that I find these words to be even more relevant today.

"Three people died. Dozens were injured. But the truth is...all of America took a blow this weekend, as racial hatred, bigotry and violence once again bubbled to the surface of our social fabric.

The real tragedy is that this kind of thing is becoming common place in America.

Sometimes, I am disheartened by the insignificance of my own life and values in the face of such tremendous chaos and force. But then I remember who I am and the dark horizon seems to lighten with the advent of Day and Light.

And then...I remember who YOU are, and who WE are collectively.

We are I AM, the very Presence of Consciousness on this planet. We have been Awakened to see and know and experience the unfolding of our Higher Consciousness, and the Universal Collective Mind. We KNOW the Truth, and the Truth has set us free.

What is that truth?

It is summed up in one word: NAMASTE.

Yes, people use “Namaste” as a greeting, in yoga studios and fashionable, trendy coffee bars around town.

But the word NAMASTE has powerful meaning...a meaning that, if taken seriously, could change the direction of our world and bring about global transformation and peace.

NAMASTE means “I recognize the Transcendent in you, and honor your Sacred Worth.”

NAMASTE is a way of saying “I honor and respect you as a human being.”

NAMASTE is a way of saying “Every human being is a being of sacred worth and deserves honor and respect.”

If we practice Namaste as a lifestyle, and take it seriously and intentionally as a life value, we will begin to see the restoration of respect, civility and honor into our social and civic dialogue. We will bring healing to society and peace to our community...and our world.

That is why we are forming


i believe in the sacred worth of every person

young, old

rich, poor

male, female

black, white

liberal, conservative,

republican, democrat

gay, straight

atheist, christian

buddhist, hindu

shinto, muslim

wiccan, jew

every human who has ever lived is unique

there will never be another…

that is why i believe in the sacred worth of every human


that’s what it means

live it…every day

Those words are the cornerstone of The Namaste Conspiracy. Namaste is believing in the sacred worth of every human - and acting in accord with that belief.

Our first goal is to gather the people. Visit our website,

Sign up, and we will send you a special gift…100 cards that you can hand out to people who you think need to hear these words:

“Today, I want to tell you that you are a person of infinite worth, and that I recognize and honor that reality. My intention for you is to have a happy and successful life, filled with love and friendship, experiencing prosperity in all that you do. Remember…you are a person of sacred worth, and deserve respect and honor. Namaste! (that’s what it means…live it, every day!)”

Just give the cards to people you encounter, as your own inner wisdom guides you.

In the months to come, we will call you to get involved in other activities, actions and events that serve to promote the concept of Namaste…and to allow others to experience the honor of being a person of sacred worth.

We are calling on everyone to commit to quietly demonstrating honor and respect to EVERY PERSON YOU MEET…even the ones who you think don’t deserve it.

It may seem like a stretch…or a silly ideal. But just for one month…sign up, and hand out the cards. Watch what happens. See if those seeds of respect and honor will grow into plants of beauty, hope and transformation.

You are a person of sacred worth.


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