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The New Aquarians

In 1982, Nancy Anne Tappe, a noted parapsychologist and medium, wrote in her book "Understanding Your Life Through Color", that increasingly through the 1970’s she noticed more and more children with indigo auras.

In her classification, indigo auras indicated a more sensitive, empathetic and somewhat non-traditional and even rebellious self-identity.

The concept of indigo children immediately entered the “mainstream”, and those with an eye to astrological ages began to insist that the “Indigo Children” (IC’s) were harbingers of the New Age of Aquarius, which was dawning at the end of the 20th century.

Flash forward to 2017, and those Indigo’s have grown up into the Millennial Generation. And nobody can challenge the fact that the Millennials have become one of the most provocative generations in recent American history. As Tappe indicated, this is a generation that is more sensitive, more empathetic, and definitely non-traditional and rebellious to established norms.

And thus the Age of Aquarius is born…not with a whisper and a peace sign…but with a chaotic wave of non-traditional values and an apparently inborn rebellion towards the old Piscean structures into which the New Aquarians were born into.

Around the world, the Millennials have created huge social upheaval. They have been the leaders in challenging existing power structures…even to their own peril. It was Millennials who rallied in Egypt and Iran against ancient and corrupt power structures and religious ideals. The Arab Spring of 2011 was birthed straight out of the world view of Indigo Children, and it resonated with Indigos throughout the globe. Arab Spring is what started the Occupy Movement here in the United States and arguably the Occupy Movement was the generational awakening of the Millennials.

So…what is exactly going on, and how is all this related to the Age of Aquarius?

If you read Ian Boccio’s article “The Age of Aquarius” you will understand that we entering a new astrological age. New and different cosmic energies are bombarding our planet (the whole planet, and every person of every age and culture on the planet). These energies are impacting the evolution of human consciousness…and it is beginning to manifest in the values and actions of the first generation of the Aquarian Age - the Indigos.

The Age of Aquarius is symbolized as a Water Bearer pouring water out on the earth. Aquarius is an air sign, which indicates that its energies have notable impact on communication.

Taken together, Water and Communication give us a strong hint as to how the energies of the cosmic Aquarius are impacting human evolution.

Electricity is an energy that is bound in the earth, and manifested through friction. Water (and air) is how electricity was revealed on our planet. The advent of electricity brought an amazing civilizing influence to all of human culture in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Electricity also brought about the birth of the Television Age and the Computer Age…ultimately leading to the birth of the Internet.

The Internet has brought access to knowledge into the lives of people all across the globe, radically transforming human society. Many sociologists and historians credit the internet with giving birth to the Arab Spring in Egypt. Why? Because people who had been largely isolated from world events by their malevolent and oppressive governments were now being exposed to what was happening globally. Young women in Egypt learned that young women in other parts of the world did not have to wear hijabs or cover their faces or accept sexual abuse from males. Whole societies learned that freedom of speech was a right in many nations, not a privilege granted only to a few.

Everything changed.

But the reality was, everything was already changing. Most historians will acknowledge that the real Age of the Internet dawned in the 1970’s…the same time period that Nancy Anne Tappe noticed that children were being born with indigo auras.

The Indigo Children (who would become the Millennials) were the first generation of kids born in the Age of Aquarius. The cosmic energies of Aquarius were effecting their DNA (indeed, later many parapsychologists and even non-fringe scientists) noted differences in DNA structure of kids born in the 1970’s. There is no commonly accepted theory as to why this difference exists, unless it is due to the exposure of their parents to mass media - a new force for conscious development in the 1950’s and beyond.

Could mass media exposure have caused just enough of a mutation in generational DNA that in the 1970’s a measurable difference in genetic structure began to manifest itself in children born during that era?

Or could it be that the cosmic energies of Aquarius brought about an evolutionary “leap”, creating children who were more sensitive, intuitive, and non-traditional?

Since the 1970’s, there have been observable developments of conscious growth among each new generation of children born in the Age of Aquarius. The reality is this: THE NEW AQUARIANS ARE HERE!!

There are a lot of theories out there as to what is happening and why - from the silly to the scientifically sound. But this much is obvious…there is an increasing spiritual sensitivity among children, and the deeper into the Age of Aquarius we go, the younger this spiritual sensitivity seems to emerge.

I believe that in the next 20-40 years, we will experience the first of the major evolutionary leaps that will cause a fundamental change in what we think of as human. Already, some notable scientists (like Raymond Kurzweil, the inventor of voice recognition technology) anticipate a convergence of human and artificial intelligence by the year 2050, which will make humans virtually omniscient and immortal.

Seriously? Yes! Google “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Raymond Kurzweil, or google “the singularity” - you will be gobsmacked to see what awaits human evolution in the next 20-40 years. Kurzweil, also a noted futurist, has predicted a time in humanity's evolution (within the next 100 years) when we will not need to exist in biological bodies, but that robots that can contain human-augmented AI will be the norm...allowing humans to travel anywhere, including outer space!! (And Kurzweil is considered sane! And credible!!)

The Age of Aquarius is here!

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