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AQ Conscious Citizen

Trump, the Great Disruptor

With an approval rating in the mid to low 30s and all but the very die-hard abandoning the Trump ship, let’s take a higher look at the President and his actions and how they fit into the Aquarian New Age.

Identified as a disrupter, Trump’s divisiveness leaves little room for a middle of the road supporter. You are either all in or vehemently opposed. And for those who are on the resistance side of things, who better than he to galvanize millions into action?

Right after the election, my guidance brought in this channeling:

After the most divisive election the United States has ever known and believe us when we say, all is for the greatest good. In order to expose the underbelly, the shadow if you will, it must be exposed. Although many of you may not agree with the manner in which Donald Trump went about revealing and uncovering some of the deepest darkest thoughts of mankind, expose he did. Were there lies, indeed, but on both sides, but we are not here to debate that. We are here to help you understand why there was such an upset and to give you a glimpse into the whys and plan for moving forwards.

Hillary Clinton has a Divine Mother energy that eventually would have healed many, however she was not enough of a disrupter to bring about the sudden and distinct change necessary to heal quickly. Her patterns and experience would have settled comfortably into the status quo and allowed the system to attempt the healing. The point being, healing and change would have happened regardless of the candidate, hers would have been a kinder, slower, gentler kind.

On the other hand, Donald Trump in tapping into the darker unspoken feelings of people, has uncovered many hidden thoughts and feelings of discontent many have felt but not spoken. We assure you that much of his pre-election rhetoric was merely that, playing a role to bring up the vile underside of humanity. He is a master of tapping into the weaknesses of people and that is what is needed at this time. Sure and swift change, brought about by massive malcontent. Not only is he an agent of change, he also has been gifted a congress to bring about swift shifts.

Now before you panic, do not discount that we have a few tricks up our cosmic sleeves and we will not leave you with a maniacal tyrant, not at all. We are here to allow your government to govern. It is time for the Congress to put aside their partisan ways and govern. And this election has spoken loudly to them, they recognize that there is a need for change and for action. All of this is possible, even though they have not demonstrated that type of response in the past. And that is where YOU come in. Faith, justice and the American way….what you focus on expands. So the choice is yours. Are you going to focus on campaign divisiveness and rhetoric that was spewed to cause reaction and drive the electorate apart? Or is it time for you to focus on what is in your heart and soul and begin to envision the kind of life you want to lead?"

That channeling was in November and as of this publication in July, there has been little movement from Congress working together. But let’s look at some of the things that have come about because of the polarization of this president;

Millions of people have become involved in government; calling congressmen, voting, campaigning and starting to run for office, whereas they were silent before and felt their voices weren’t heard.

Cities and states stepping up to maintain and enforce climate controls since Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

Increased involvement at the local level to maintain and improve upon programs cut from the federal budget.

Outrage over the travel ban, immigration orders and Justice Department dictate to prosecute drug offenses to the maximum sentence, with states seeking legal injunctions to not comply.

The disruption sparked by the President has ignited engagement, interest and activation of the masses. No longer willing to idly sit by and watch all that they value be stripped away, this presidency has done what none other has been able to do, unite. Although our united front may be to preserve basic rights such as clean air, water and equal rights, make no mistake it has brought us together for a common good.


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