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Stargazing With Ariel Rose - February 2017

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

We begin the month of February with the Sun moving through the brilliant, unconventional sign of Aquarius. This revolutionary member of the Zodiac represents all social rebels, futuristic ideals and an electric energy that is made to shake and wake up the world. Aquarius is the most advanced Air sign and values intellect and mental sharpness. They are truthful and often outspoken as they seek to live a life that reflects their true inner spirit and interests. Their symbol of the 'Water-Bearer' often gets them mistaken for a water sign. A deeper study reveals the truth. Water symbolizes emotions in Astrology and the Water-Bearer is not getting in the water - they are pouring it out to everyone else. This is the reason Aquarius can be emotionally-detached or distant. They will offer support and humanitarian aid to those in trouble, without allowing those heavier emotions to drown them. They are not often going to sit and cry with you, as their emotions get processed through an intellectual filter. Your Aquarius friend or partner is more likely to cheer you up by offering a progressive solution that will help get you out of whatever bad situation you find yourself.

Anyone who has an Aquarius Sun or other planets in this sign should always be aware of their need to live an authentic life. You will not easily be able to repress your personal opinions or tolerate people who abuse their power. This sign is made to speak up when there is injustice and topple repressive regimes. They envision a better future and will bravely act to bring that future about. Not surprisingly, Aquarians can be controversial and provocative characters who often gather a group of both admirers and enemies at the same time. World-consciousness is at their core and they feel an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. They will expend great deals of energy when in the public among groups of people and require periods of solitary down-time to recharge their batteries. In relationships they are loyal and open, yet need plenty of alone time to be at their best.

February is a powerful month that contains both a Lunar and Solar Eclipse. Our Lunar Eclipse comes in conjunction with the Full Moon in Leo on Friday 10th at 7:30pm EST. Our ego-drives and matters close to the heart will surface strongly for examination and it's prime time to release negative selfish behavior and patterns. The opposite energy arises with the Solar Eclipse conjunct New Moon in Pisces on Sunday 26th at 9:58am EST. This urges us to embrace greater compassion, spiritual awareness and further relinquish our unhealthy ego-drives. Expect everyone to be extra emotionally sensitive and be gentle with yourself and others. Extra kindness is called for and is very clearly what the Universe is asking for from all of us.

Enjoy this amazing, transformational month and be good to each other!

Aries - You wake up out of the doldrums and shake off your malaise this month. Mars and Venus in your sign rev up your energy, giving you extra drive while also granting you a big dose of charm and romantic magnetism! You probably haven't felt this good in awhile and will want to get out with your friends or make new ones to enjoy events and meaningful conversations. Later in the month, you'll feel that genuine progress is being made in clearly defining your personal identity.

Taurus - Your spiritual and emotional life will be action-packed this month and you will have so much going on inside it could be hard to fall asleep! It's good to take action on clearing out your feelings or excess emotional baggage. Let yourself cry, vent and relax as needed. Joining a spiritually motivated or attuned group can also be a source of healing. If the world feels like it's racing too fast right now, make the choice to step off the ride and focus on peaceful space for yourself. You can rejoin the race at another time.

Gemini - The fog has completely lifted from last months Mercury retrograde and you'll feel mentally clearer and more confident. You could feel motivated or encouraged to take a vacation that combines both business and pleasure. Your long-term goals are easier to see now and come into sharper focus. Planning for or taking action on future endeavors is favored and can bring you a more positive outlook.

Cancer - The overall energy of the month is fast and futuristic, which can run into direct contrast with your more gentle intuition and general sense of nostalgia. The best use of your time is to work a little more behind the scenes to effect positive outcomes. The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on the 10th will be a powerful time of release and healing for you. Take good care of your heart (both emotionally and physically), reduce your stress and simplify your home environment.

Leo - Your polar opposite sign of Aquarius lights up your relationship sector, making you extra social, witty and charming! You might talk your friends ears off, as you will be overflowing with new ideas and insights about how to bring about greater balance and harmony for yourself and others. Travel and vacations are positive and can present opportunities for new relationships and social engagements. You are able to strike the perfect balance between old wisdom and new revelations so you can benefit from both.

Virgo - The electric energy of Aquarius illuminates your personal house and urges you forward to serve and heal the world. Although Aquarius can disrupt the order you crave, this can ultimately be a positive and progressive month which shows you new outlets to direct your humanitarian instincts. Open your mind to new possibilities and unusual ways you can create healing, greater compassion and unconventional organization for yourself and others.

Libra - The planetary patterns of the month are set to increase your creative drive, sharpen your mind and amp up your need for appreciation. Your relationships will be hot and feisty. You are not usually one to argue, but a heated confrontation could be just what you need to reveal how important a connection is to you. Your charm and attractiveness are high, so you can smooth over any rough patches you experience with loved ones.

Scorpio - The open energy of Aquarius can present a challenge to your more secretive nature this month. You'll need to make an effort to be more accessible to your family and loved ones. Your health is connected to your relationships at this time, so a willingness to reveal your thoughts and voice your emotions can be extra healing. You also require more exercise and activity to re-fresh and energize your physical body.

Sagittarius - A dynamic and refreshing month awaits you! The electricity of Aquarius triggers communication and new ideas. Be sure to write down inspirations, because you will be overflowing with thoughts. Your ruling planet Jupiter moves retrograde this month, so expect to be re-working some of your future goals. Creativity and romantic pursuits are also favored - do something you love with someone special!

Capricorn - What you value and how you handle resources comes into focus this month. Take time to make sure everything is balanced so you can plan and prioritize the near future. Your home life could be a bit tempestuous and energetic. Arguments may arise in relationships or with family, as everyone's temper is shorter now. On the positive side, this month can greatly energize your soul and get you on track to doing what you truly love.

Aquarius - Happy Birthday Aquarius! Your personality is recharged this month and you'll want to get out and enjoy being with friends. Communications are energetic, direct and dynamic! Your mental facilities are also extra sharp and it's a great time to write down your inspirations for the future. You'll be thinking about how to manifest true lasting change in regards to your own identity and how you impact the world at large. Some of your plans will take patience to fully enact - so don't rush!

Pisces - This is an extra sensitive month for you Pisces, with emotions and memories rising to the surface. Don't let it get you down, as this is mostly a time for review and remembering that your recent struggles are in the past and you've already overcome the worst! Beware of spending money too impulsively - next month will be a better time to make purchases. Rest, reflect and release. A sea-salt bath or trip to the ocean can be highly beneficial now.


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