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  • Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot - February 2017

WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Everything goes in cycles, and this month brings continued hope for a new and better year than 2016. We are reaching the pinnacle of this cycle as we come into the blessings of this month. Look for the good in things that affect you, even if in your mind you wonder what good is to be found in a particular issue or situation? It may be a lesson to be learned, a change that is a message for you to express gratitude, or just a sign that things are improving. Do your best to stay positive, for we are indeed in the upswing of a new cycle.

3 OF SWORDS: There may be bouts of sadness, disappointment, doubt and anxiety as events continue to unfold in the world. It is normal to feel upset about the chaos that is still present, but remember that nothing stays the same, and changes are in the air. So whatever negative feelings you may be experiencing can be dispelled by refusing to let yourself be bombarded by sad or depressing news, or to be adamant about not staying in a sad or depressed state because of what is going on in the world. Remember that “this too shall pass”, and then get on with your life.

8 OF SWORDS: Feelings of hesitancy and doubt may cause you to feel paralyzed when having to make a decision or take action. The best thing to do if this happens is to take a step back from the situation and look at it as objectively as possible. Use your logical analytical brain to come up with pros and cons for various alternatives, or trust your intuitive right brain. An even better approach is to combine the two to reach a decision that may be the most balanced and well-rounded. You have the ability to think through any challenge or issue, so exert your power and take a stand.

KING OF SWORDS: It is time to move forward, to get into the King vibration and start feeling self-confident, decisive, and powerful. You will feel an inner-knowing that you are on the right track and there is nothing to fear. The King is not hesitant or wishy-washy, nor would he question his decisions once they have been made. He is a strong and powerful leader in whom others have full confidence. You can adopt his energy as your own by recognizing your powers and abilities, not allowing yourself to stay in the 8 of Swords or 3 of Swords energy. It is time to leave the past behind and look forward to what lies ahead.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: February brings mixed blessings, but ones that in the long run are good and valuable. Things will start out hopeful, optimistic, and upbeat as we enjoy the newness in this second month of the year, and relish the differences we can see that are positive. However, these feelings are tempered by some challenging events that can try and test us, but we have the ability to get beyond all this, as long as we recognize what we are in control of and what is not within our control. If any negative feelings cause you to feel as if you are caught in a web of doubt, suspicion or fear, then use the King of Swords energy to eliminate negative attitudes by seeking the truth, knowing you can make decisions that affect you, and thus stay in control of your own life. The month may seem topsy-turvy at times, but the power is there to help you persevere, feeling grounded and sure-footed.


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