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Still Point

"...the Still Point, is where the All meets the One. You are the One." Hello Dear Readers. The above quote was my response, when a new reader of Still Point asked me directly "what is the Still Point ?". In the practice of meditation, we could agree, that the goal is to still the body and mind to a place of rest so that one can receive. When this state of mind is reached and quietness arrives, what happens? Something? No-thing? Anything? What happens for me is...I become. I become more, I become less. It is a state of no-thing, anything and something! It is a state of potential and possibility. It is a State of All-ness and you are there. The great sages all invite us, to take our meditation and put it into every action, thought, word and deed. There was a time when we could go to the mountain, I tell you now... that the mountain has come to us. What I mean by this is, there is no waiting for heaven or calling a prayer- hotline for help needed. Life is in the experience of feeling connected to source energy (mountain) because you know NO Separation. You are the one and the one is the all. Simple. Yet, we continue to play the game of duality within ourselves and therefore attracting experiences to us that confirm our illusion of being separate. Therefore missing out on experiences that reflect the truth of our souls state of Being-ness, which is oneness and total love and acceptance. When was the last time you took time out to feel God-in- You? Allow me to refer to Brother Lawrence here, who was a 16th Century monk. Who simply reminds us, that before enlightenment we do the dishes and chop fire wood...and after enlightenment, we chop firewood and do the dishes. Take your meditation with you. Become it. Allow it to become you. Presence knows no separation because to it everything is energy. No physical barriers. So what is it that fuels the illusion of separateness between the Spirit that we are and the person we find ourselves being? Are you ready to know? It is our judgements. The mental and emotional prisons that we have allowed and continue to create through fear, guilt and shame. It is a spiritual journey to awake from this reality and into the truth of wellness, balance and abundance. It a journey into h ow the little rock remembers itself AS the mountain. Our Still Point for February, as you reflect on your relationships and fall in and out of love... spend some time near the water. Find a river, stream or bubble bath and feel it's stillness around you. Do some remembering of yourself before all the rules, the do's and do nots took over. Before you let fear come in with its sidekicks guilt and shame pretend to keep you safe. You are safe. It is safe to love yourself and those around you. You are enough and creative enough to get on to your becoming and experiencing your oneness with life and all it's limitless. You are limitless. Tap in to source, it is all in and around you!! Namaste. I am Phoenix Lea 2017

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