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Feature: The Dance

At some point, it all comes together. Like rivers that run to sea, there is that moment when the waters converge, and the ocean takes all.

In our journeys as humans, attaining higher levels of consciousness happens in waves, from experience to experience. Dark nights become - sometimes slowly and agonizingly - bright days. Wounds become scars which become tribal markings of great victory and wisdom. And then new wounds come.

Everything in the Universe spins. From water going down the drain, to galaxies at the most extreme and unfathomable distances...everything spins.

There is a Dance going on in the Universe, a motion that was not designed or initiated by humans. Energy moves through the Universe and all that lies in it...the same energy that causes our hearts to beat, our brains to fire neurons and create thought and consciousness, is the same energy that is found when scientists point their telescopes to any location in the stellar sky. It is called Cosmic Background Radiation. It is the music and echo of the energies that brought the Big Bang into existence and thus created everything that is.

As this energy moves through the Universe - through us - a Dance is begun. Galaxies spin, planets revolve around their axis and orbit their suns, suns themselves spin around the center of the galaxy, and galaxies actually spin around something out there in the Cosmos called “Great Attractor.”

Within us, at the smallest quantum level, points of energy move in waves, creating vortexes that cause the rapid spinning of subatomic particles. Electrons spin around the protons and neutrons that form the nucleii of atoms. Atoms themselves spin and gyrate around other atoms, creating molecules held together by electronic force.

Look at your hand. As solid as it may seem, it is actually a densely packed but nonetheless vibrating and spinning mass of molecules and atoms and subatomic particles. If you could reduce yourself to quantum size, you could travel between the atoms and molecules of your hand...and those atoms would look like spinning mountains.

Everything Dances.

It could perhaps be said that the Dance is the ultimate “goal” of the human race, and indeed of all consciousness.

For the most part, I am not a theist. That changes occassionally as my thinking and my emotions experience various peaks and valleys that might cause me to ponder, for a moment, on the existence of a “God” who is separate from me and is an individual entity.

But what I do believe in is, perhaps, not that different from a “God.” I believe in a Universal Consciousness, an energy vibration, or frequency, that is part of the Cosmic Background Radiation, and is at all places, all the time, and is always Now.

It is comprised of the thought frequencies of all living - and even non-living - things (for even non-living things may be “alive” in that they vibrate and spin in accordance with the Great Dance).

Awareness of our unity with the Universal Consciousness is what we humans are evolving towards. As we evolve towards this awareness of unity, we become more and more aware of The Dance.

In the past 30 or so years, as science has explored the vast meanings of the quantum universe, we have learned that energy and vibration are the primary activities of the, The Dance. Everything is energy, and everything vibrates. (I recommend the book, “Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration” by Penney Pierce, for an excellent overview of this fascinating subject).

Keith Prossick’s series of paintings, “Breaking the Mandala”, takes on the subject of spiritual evolution. For the past several months, Aquarius has explore the meaning of this art, and the spiritual journey that it manifests. If you are interested, visit our website at Hover over the “Contact Us” link on the menu, and click on “Archives.” There you can read past issues of the magazine that explore the spiritual journey through the amazing art of Keith Prossick.

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