• Keith Prossick and Stephanie Kohler

The Akashic Wormhole

Welcome to Breaking the Mandala, which examines the aesthetics, insights, and greater context of a series of paintings by Keith Prossick. We humans awaken not just through what we read, but what we see and explore beyond words.

You can view the painting, and read commentary from the artist. The commentary is specifically drawn from the artist, as a way to show the process and background to the work.

There is no “correct” way to do this. You can read first; you can look first. You can do one or the other, though certainly we recommend both. This month’s art is Akashic Wormhole.

Breathe—breathe again... I am.

Last month we were caught up with the many connections and pathways that lead through the Great Wave. Currents weaving this way and that, the only way to find balance was to surrender. Letting go, we fell into stillness on the stacks of a great library. Wheeeew! We made it.

Around me, the smell of books. Not just one or two, but many books. Many stories. I open my eyes to a feeling of familiarity.

I remember this place. I must have fallen through an Akashic Wormhole, to the Akashic records, which are held in the astral plane. Here is the recorded wisdom, collected not only from our own lives, but the lives of all that have come before. A connection deep into the memories of ancestors, other worlds and dimensions, past lives—all part of the collective superconscious. We visit between lives and simply remember the stories and ask ourselves: Are we going in the right direction?

This cosmic library is not a solid building. It is beyond the veil, within the bardo, across worlds and dimensions and imaginations. The boundaries are blurred, showing that everything is connected. From Great Wave, in which the crests of the waves were part of a double helix, to Akashic Wormhole, the waves connect to the staircases—another kind of helix structure. You can see the last edges of those waves breaking around the sides of the painting.

Akashic Wormhole has staircases of books—the knowledge, insight, experience form the steps towards expanded consciousness, as we recognize that we have limitless potential.

As creators, we sit on the shores of imagination. We peer towards the horizon, longing to experience what is Out There, what Chaos is Beyond. What memories have been forgotten? What new twists are flowing our way? Have we experienced all there is, or is there more? Maybe there are clues to universes behind us, as well as new universes ahead.

Through the ages, stories have been passed down to illustrate the visions that our predecessors experienced, which point us towards the stars and signs for which we yearn. Somehow, though, we can never quite remember for sure if the star is on the left or the right, if the sign is high or low. When we feel lost or confused, we are often in a space of learning, of tapping into deeper knowledge. When we feel lost or confused, the best thing to do is tap into deep, Akashic knowledge.

In each cycle through the Akashic Wormhole, as we pass through the tremendous energy of great waves, our story grows. Each life adds another chapter, another story arc, more clues, new characters with old ones dying and being reborn, again and again. It’s all there for us. We have just forgotten the way...home.

Tapping into Akashic Wormhole is a type of expansion—of the soul, of consciousness, of knowledge, of love, of potential. Sometimes the contents of the library don’t make sense. The task is to trust the magic anyway.

This painting was another step in opening up my canvas. Deeper and deeper I began to reach—books of knowledge surrounding me, all information at my fingertips. Finding direction towards a place to call home. I encountered multidimensional forms of love and understanding as I created this painting. Along the way, I gain the courage to ask for directions. I learn how to retain the information embedded in the clues. I find partners with whom to explore.

The center of the painting has a vanishing point. From one perspective, this central point is a side of the library. But from another perspective, this central point is part of a dome or open ceiling—perhaps even another feature of another structure, not fully visible in this painting. Another way the Akashic Wormhole shows us expansion into other realms—that it does not, cannot exist in isolation.

So much to learn, to remember. So much that has been forgotten. At least, I think I have what is important. One more bridge to cross.

Looking towards the center of the wormhole, as I passed through, for a moment I heard whispers.

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