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The New Year of 2017 awaits and opens with the Sun moving in Capricorn. This steady, ambitious and dedicated sign has great reserves of perseverance and can stay focused on a goal for long periods of time. The month of January takes it's name from Janus, the dual-faced Roman god of change and transitions. His ability to see the past and future made him an important figure as the old year passed away and the new one came to birth. Likewise, the sign of Capricorn is possessed of a need to learn from the past and constantly work towards a better future. Capricorn is represented by the Sea-Goat, a combination that incorporates the mountain-climbing, progress driven goat with the spiritual, melancholy elements of the ocean fish. Having meaningful work is a must for Capricorn and without a purpose, they can quickly sink into depression. For anyone with a Capricorn Sun sign or planets in Capricorn, they need to keep active and driven to avoid the pitfalls of sadness or despair.

The Goat is a serious personality and will not suffer fools easily. They have a date with their own destiny and will pursue that appointment until the very end. Capricorn is an age reversal sign and behaves old when they are young and seem to get younger as they get older. A Capricorn child will be far more somber and serious than a Capricorn grandparent will be. Everything in life has meaning for the goat - cultivating a few solid friends for life, maintaining an enduring relationship, building their career and ensuring stability will all be on the agenda. Unless the goat in question has some fun-loving inner planet placements, they will be a steadfast soul, who will aspire to excellence no matter what they are doing.

We begin the month with Mercury still in Retrograde motion until Saturday 7th. Expect communication mishaps and general confusion until then. These issues will start to clear as the month progresses and we gain more positive momentum. Our Full Moon of the month occurs on Thursday 12th at 6:34am EST in the home-loving sign of Cancer. The Moon is especially happy in this sign and although moody, is very attuned to what it needs to be content. Focus on inner harmony and balance with friends and family to put it's energy to good use.

Happy New Year and enjoy your January!

Aries - This month presents you with challenges in the form of pressure to succeed and needing patience to go the distance. You will need some alone time to focus and balance your intense inner emotions. You're in a phase of sensitive personal growth that requires you to be extra gentle with yourself and to spend time with nurturing friends. Save your public face for work and release your feelings in the safety of your home.

Taurus - The earthy energy of Capricorn keeps you grounded and steady this month. You can express your thoughts with clarity and bring practicality to any future plans. Enjoying a creative project with a group can bring new inspiration and positive connections. You may be required to travel for work at this time, or you may be given a new position that has an element of teaching or education.

Gemini - The overall feeling of January is practical, hard-working and emotionally sensitive. You could feel challenged to swim those deeper waters when you'd rather be splashing in the puddles! The serious mood could make you retreat to your home for a breather and relaxing with a funny movie and some light-hearted friends. If heavy subjects need attending to, approach with good humor and your sparkling wit to make the best of the challenges.

Cancer - January presents the crab with their opposite sign's energy and a need do some emotional balancing. Relationships will go through a 'reality check' that can help you to rationally assess the health and endurance of all your partnerships. If foundations are strong they will get even better, but if something is negative for you, it will be a time of healing or letting go. Your urge to travel or explore is also strong, so take a little trip if you can.

Leo - Practical concerns of personal health and balancing finances come to the forefront this month, It's the perfect time to get a physical check-up and adopt new routines to benefit your overall wellness. You'll also benefit from some time to manage your money and plan for the near future. While this isn't nearly as fun and exciting as the Lion prefers, it will be good to get it taken care of so you can party later!

Virgo - The serious and thoughtful nature of Capricorn helps you to thrive this month. You will take great joy in any pursuit and are able to bring your own creative spark and sense of beauty to anything you touch. If you have a career you enjoy it will bring extra blessings and if you are challenged on the job, you'll find ways to improve it. Relationships can be romantic and dreamy, but also foggy and confusing. Try to relax and go with the flow!

Libra - Communication challenges abound and you'll find it difficult to be understood by others. Aim to spend more time with close friends who know the real you. Being with people you don't have to spell everything out for will help you relax. Home projects continue to be a focus and pick up extra energy now. Love can have a mixture of the romantic and the practical, which can be a good combination if you can see it from both sides.

Scorpio - The serious nature of Capricorn strangely helps you to lighten up and feel more jovial than you have in awhile. Many puzzle pieces just seem to fall into place this month and it's easier for you to communicate your deeper thoughts and feelings. Love and creativity are dreamy and colorful. You can experience a soul connection feeling to your partner and make progress in a creative adventure, as long as you come from a place of love and not ego.

Sagittarius - This month will primarily have you focus on the practical matters of finances, taking care of your resources and spending time at home.Your physical energy will feel lower now, so work from home if possible or tackle projects that can be handled without too much distraction from others. Take care in relationships and matters of the heart, people are more sensitive now and won't respond well to your usual unvarnished candor.

Capricorn - Happy Birthday Capricorn! You are in a powerful and intense spotlight this month, with plenty of strength to transform your life. After the 7th, you'll notice greater clarity from Mercury turning direct. You will be full of ideas and a desire to talk about your plans. You can make good progress in any field of music, entertainment or creative work. Relationships should be sweet and compassionate, as you will have an easier time communicating with others.

Aquarius - It's a month of clearing the decks for new energy. Make time to process old emotions and release any inner baggage you might have been carrying around. Likewise, it's best to do some house-cleaning to remove the decay and clutter that is impeding your personal growth. You have extra charm and magnetism in the areas of finance and could easily increase earnings or position simply by being your open, friendly self!

Pisces - It's your time to shine little fishy, as Venus and Mars both take a stroll through your sign this month! You will feel more outgoing than usual and also have an extra spark to fight for your rights. Connections with the outside world will be electric and powerful, giving you the sense that what you do really can make a big difference. Your ideas for the future are perceptive and realistic at once, giving you a good framework to build on.

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