• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

January 2017

8 OF SWORDS: The start of the New Year could find you feeling unsure, unsettled, indecisive; it may even seem that you are paralyzed to a certain extent. Many things happened near the end of 2016 that caused feelings such as these to surface. But that is in the past, and now is the time to realize that you are in control of your own choices and feelings. You do not have to believe that you are bound strictly by what has happened or your perception of what has transpired. You have the power to remove the shackles of whatever is surrounded by negativity. Release yourself from your own prison, and see how much happier you will be.

2 OF WANDS: See January as a decision time for you. You can use the fire energy of the Wands to allow yourself to progress forward, or you can hesitate and not take action even though you know it will be helpful for you. The key to determining which path you will take rests with you and you alone. No one can make this decision for you; so plot a path for yourself at the start of the month to give you an idea of where you want to go, and how you can bring more positive energy and inspiration into your life.

DEATH: January will truly be a time of transformation and real change for many of us. It is time to let the old ways of thinking and doing just fall by the wayside, for they belong to the past, and the past is dead. Focus instead on the new energy that is coming onto the Earth during the month, and be amazed at how much better you can feel simply by letting go of the past. Remember that anything is possible, and this month could see more changes that were not expected. Stay in an energy field of knowing that whatever happens is for our highest and best good, and all will be well. This year promises to be one of hope, new ideas, new beginnings, and release.

QUEEN OF SWORDS: It will be important this month to be honest with yourself, perhaps making some changes that might be painful. Are you ready to let go of what is standing in your way from being the true, authentic person you can be? This may mean that it is time to let go of friends with whom you no longer have much in common, to look at job alternatives if you are unhappy in your job, or to start following a budget or other plan that will make you feel more financially secure. Whatever you are holding on to because it keeps you in your comfort zone is not helping you; now is the time to let it go and move on. The Queen of Swords will help you recognize what changes will be most beneficial for you.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: Happenings this month may cause you to feel all shaken up as you recognize the need to make changes in your life. Some changes are coming regardless of what you feel, so it would be better to accept that change is inevitable and go with the flow. You may have to make some hard decisions to get yourself in a better place, but the Swords energy will be with you as you understand that the true value of being an authentic person is to stand in your own power and independence. Believe in yourself, do what is in your best interests, and look forward to all the promise that the New Year can bring.


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