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The Akashic Field

The year of 2016 is coming to an end…and wow, what a crazy year it has been. Perhaps the best example of “crazy” was this year’s presidential campaign and election, which placed a brash, crude, and controversial businessman - who has never held public office - into the position of President-elect.

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency was surprising, shocking and … well, crazy. But…the truth is…you have not seen “crazy” yet!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! The Age of Aquarius is the next phase of human evolution, and as foretold for thousands of years, it signals a whole new development in the ascension of human consciousness. Trump’s election is like a trumpet blast, alerting humanity to the reality that the New Age is here. And that New Age will seem very, very crazy compared to the rigid and authoritarian energy of the past 2500 years.

All around the globe, for the past decade or so, social upheaval has occurred in every culture. The economy has gone bonkers, and has entered a cycle of unpredictability - the tried and true financial measures of the past two hundred years just do not make sense, or work, any more. Science and especially digital technology has taken the human race to the realm of weird. Every day, new discoveries in biology, consciousness, neural activity and human psychology erase old ideas about age, sex, thought, and consciousness.

Here are just a few examples:

- Duke University operates a program that studies the paranormal, and specifically the existence of ghosts - with the assumption, based on measurable evidence, that ghosts do exist, and communicate with living and conscious human beings!

- scientists at the University of Southampton in the UK have demonstrated - with evidence - that there is conscious activity after death.

- in universities around the world, studies in everything from electrical engineering to cosmology have demonstrated the existence of a unified energy field that underlies the structure of reality…from the sub-atomic level to the background noise of the universe. Now, that energy is giving evidence of being effected (in terms of measurable frequencies) by THOUGHT! That’s right, conscious activity has a measurable impact on the energy field that is the fundamental and underlying structure of reality.

All of these occurrences, and more, are indicative of the huge SHIFT that is coming to our planet and to individuals like you…and me!

Now…let’s jump to Keith Prossick’s latest painting in the series “Breaking the Mandala” being featured in Aquarius. This month, the painting is “Akashic Wormhole”, and represents another stage in the spiritual and consciousness development of the human being.

And this is where things get crazy…really crazy!

As a person grows in spiritual development - and evolve into greater and greater consciousness - they begin to brush against the transcendent Consciousness that scientists have now postulated as being within the Universal Energy Field.

This conscious energy field is also known as the Akashic Field. The word “akashi” (or “akasha”) comes from ancient Sanskrit and is literally interpreted as “ether”. It refers to the invisible but dynamic force of life and thought that surrounds us. For thousands of years, the practitioners of conscious development in the Far East (the earliest yogis, shaman, and adepts) referred to the Akashic Field as that Source that underlies everything. In a sense, the Akashic Field was very much like GOD…not a personalized tribal deity like Yahweh or Ganesh, but a Conscious Energy that is comprised of all the energy and all the thoughts and all the emotions of everything in the Universe…from infinity to infinity.


This Conscious Energy may be manifested as ghosts, or channeled thoughts, or dreams, or … well, it can be anything…a job idea, a social movement, a song. It is THE Conscious Energy of the Universe that makes everything happen. Everything.

This is the Akashic Field. It is all around us, it is within us, it IS us. It is also…at this very moment…in full existence at the very edge of the Universe. And, whether we are aware of it or not, it connects us to that edge of the Universe, and whatever lies beyond…at this very moment.

The Akashic Field just IS. It is not defined or limited by Distance or Time. The Akashic Field is PRESENT right now, at the Big Bang, and at the End of the Universe - whatever that may be. And because we are in and a part of the Akashic Field…so are we also PRESENT at the beginning of the Universe, the end of the Universe, and all points in between! We are truly LIMITLESS (read Stephanie Kohler’s article on page 8).

And that is where things get crazy…in a really beautiful and wonderful way.

As a person begins to grow in spiritual development, they will eventually encounter the reality of the Akashic Field. They will be exposed to ALL of the knowledge of the Universe. It can be a powerful and overwhelming experience that is beyond comprehension.

Throughout history, there have been many humans who have surrendered to the amazing experience of the Akashic Field, and have brought much light and wisdom to the human race. These “pre-Aquarians” were teachers, miracle-workers, poets, artists, philosophers whose ideas about life and spirit were profound and shaped the evolution of nations and humanity.

Every one of the major world figures throughout history taught this one truth - that every human being was able to access their own “divinity” and power through encountering the Akashic Field (whatever they may have called it). And that a day was coming when this truth would be manifested throughout the human race.

That day is here. As the Age of Aquarius ascends, the Akashic Field is becoming more prominent in the evolution of human consciousness. That is why more and more people are aware of the role that energy and vibration play in everything from personal attitudes to national events; awareness of higher consciousness…and openness to it…is increasing around the globe. Religious and spiritual division is becoming less and less as more and more recognize that we all share a common Consciousness…with the Universe!

Keith Prossick’s painting, “Akashic Wormhole”, addresses this amazing experience of the Akashic Field by a human who is surrendering to the processes of spiritual awakening.

A wormhole is a theoretical opening in space-time, which allows a person to move through time and space without limit. Keith’s vision is that, as we grow spiritually, we begin to move into greater awareness of and experience of this vast Universal Knowledge…through time and space…without limit or restraint. In so doing, we truly begin to experience our own DIVINITY.

As hard as it was for me to accept (I am, after all, a Capricorn…somewhat skeptical and suspicious of any thing outside of the “ordinary”), I have both experienced the Akashic Field and know many who abide in its manifestation. I know people who see and speak to “spirits” and “angels” (past lives? beings from other planets, galaxies, or dimensions? future visitors?), who channel the thoughts of entities and cultures that are extra-terrestrial and not even in this timeline. I know people who can heal with energy emanations from their hands, who can predict the future with amazing clarity, and who can travel dimensionally. I know at least one person who is challenging the notion of age and death. (Scientists are currently studying a mummy of a Tibetan priest that is over 3,000 years old, and apparently still emanates body heat and has a very faint and slow, but present, heart beat!!!).

I told you it was going to get crazy. Almost every day, I say to myself… “THIS IS CRAZY.” And yet, every day, I experience this new reality.

I used to love to dance. I was never good at it, but I loved doing it…especially the crazy, care-free dance of youth. As I grew as a “corporate” adult, I gave up dancing. My former wife did not like to dance, was embarrassed by it, and I just went along to get along. As I have experienced spiritual awakening over the past several years…and have ascended higher and higher into the Akashic Field…something amazing happened. I started to dance again. The crazy, care-free dance of youth, and love, and freedom. It has lifted me and empowered as much as anything that I can imagine.

And THAT is what going through the Akashic Wormhole can do…for anyone, and for you!

I told you…it is going to get crazy!!!



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