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November Horoscope With Ariel Rose

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

Mysterious, passionate, emotionally complex, magnetic and deep - the sign of Scorpio embodies all of these qualities and creates the intense mood we feel as November begins. The time of the scorpion has us feeling more introverted and enigmatic as we explore the deep waters of our inner psyche. Scorpio is never content with shallow, surface answers or conversations and finds fulfillment in uncovering hidden motives and psychological drives. They will peel back each layer until they get to the core truth of any subject or person. Their laser-like gaze is not for the faint of heart and it takes a special person to appreciate their intense style of living. This eighth sign of Zodiac, while not the oldest on the wheel is the most powerful astrological archetype. Able to embody the best or worst of human nature, their dark side has earned them a reputation for revenge, manipulation and hunger for power. Their positive side is equally strong, as Scorpios who choose the light are creative, healing and transformational forces for good. Being a Scorpio is like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, always making you aware of the choice between good and evil.

This insightful sign has the mysteries of birth, life, sex and death hard-wired into their consciousness. They understand death is a part of life and are not generally afraid of confronting the tougher aspects of living and dying. It's no wonder we celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos during the time of Scorpio, when we feel closer to the spiritual world. If you are a Scorpio or have chart positions in this sign, it's important to remember your intense, passionate nature. Many people will not understand how deep your emotions run and it's wise to find constructive ways to voice your feelings. You can be slow to trust and let others in on your secrets, so take your time to find those close friends you can depend on. Keep aware of the fact that you can go to the heights or depths very quickly and work to moderate your strong reactions to life events.

Planetary highlights for November will include Daylight Savings Time starting at midnight Saturday 5th. The following day brings a Mars/Moon conjunction that will have us feeling moody and home-loving. The American General election on Tuesday the 8th occurs during a Void-of-Course Aquarius Moon for most of the day, with the Moon moving to Pisces at 4:45pm EST. Expect delays, confusion and frustrations - vote in advance of the day if possible.

Our Full Moon of the month will be in earthy, sensual Taurus on Monday 14th at 8:52am EST. Make this a day of grounding, simplicity and enjoying good food, love and friendship. Focus on what you are grateful for and 'plant' projects you would like to see grow in the future.

Aries - Expect a powerful month with plenty of personal power coming your way. There could be dramatic changes at work, with struggles over leadership and authority. Others will see you as a strong personality and you'll want your share of respect and appreciation. Relationships will be positive and harmonious, as long as you mind your manners and respect differences between you and your loved ones. Take some time for yourself to rest and reflect.

Taurus - Love and relationships are your focus this month and although you may be feeling more secretive, you'll still make sure to express your feelings with subtle messages and passionate intention. Romance further improves after the 11th when Venus in Capricorn urges you to 'get serious' about a love interest or make a bigger commitment. Travel is also favored, especially if there is something educational or spiritually enriching about the destination.

Gemini - Your reflective side emerges this month as the intense vibrations of Scorpio and Capricorn have you in a more serious frame of mind. You might even prefer to spend extra time on your own to explore and write about your mysterious discoveries. Taking time for yourself will be beneficial to both your mental and physical health. Creativity can be a great ally and this is an excellent time to do something inspired with a friend, child or beloved pet.

Cancer - Your positive energy and optimistic outlook increases this month as your creativity soars. You will be less inhibited and more comfortable in the spotlight than usual and should get out to enjoy being with friends. Your mind will be inspired and open to music, poetry and romanticism. Dreams may also be more vivid and memorable, so write down any meaningful messages that come your way.

Leo - The introspective energy of Scorpio is a direct challenge to the bright, open nature of Leo. You will likely feel more comfortable just doing your own thing and staying on top of a healthy personal routine. Giving your home a little spruce can help lighten the heavy mood and refresh your space. Your desire to communicate will be strong, but the words won't come out the way you plan. Write down your thoughts for now to avoid conflicts.

Virgo - Your mind is quick and agile this month and you'll have to organize your thoughts to maximize your mental energy. Social obligations will arise and while the tone is serious, there is also plenty of opportunity to inject some creativity into the mix and have some fun. Treat yourself to a day at a museum or concert to relax. There could be some intense situations with authority, family or children - be patient and it should work out in the end.

Libra - Transformations around home and family continue to play out this month, as you work to maintain your personal balance. You might discover financial help from unlikely sources as you organize your money and finances. Social interactions will be meaningful, but not very light or fluffy. The tone is serious and a bit dry for your taste. It's a good time to re-evaluate relationships because you are able to view them with more detachment than usual.

Scorpio - Happy Birthday Scorpio! The Sun is shining on you this month and makes your personality more immediate and noticeable. Attention will be focused on the most basic and foundational aspects of your life. The way you communicate, balance resources and address relationships will all come to the surface. You should feel more talkative and open to discussion than usual, so use this energy to clear the air and make some positive new plans.

Sagittarius - It's time to reflect and rest this month. Make sure to take some peaceful time for yourself to rejuvenate and heal from any challenges you've encountered this year. Your most sensitive side is showing now and it can be difficult to face the tougher emotions you often hide behind a happy exterior. Releasing any sadness or disappointment can be cathartic and help get you feeling better again sooner. Be conservative with money so you can enjoy it more next month.

Capricorn - This is a positive and electric month that has you wanting to reach out and get involved in society. Any kind of cause or charity that calls to you should be investigated. Career expansion and growth are becoming possible day by day and you should allow yourself to dream bigger than you usually do. The movement of charming Venus into your sign on the 11th will make you more attractive and in demand. Ask for what you want!

Aquarius - Your public image is highlighted this month and you can use your ability to bring groups together for a positive purpose. Mars moving into your sign on the 9th will fire you up and get you extra motivated towards your goals. It could also make you more aggressive and argumentative than usual, so pick those battles wisely. You will spend a good deal of energy at work now and will need periods of healing alone time to recharge your batteries.

Pisces - You will feel restless and ready to travel this month as divine wanderlust nips at your heels. Complex emotions and mysteries are strongly felt in your subconscious now, but you are well-suited to the task of understanding them. Your personal energy is strong, but you will prefer to work in solitude to avoid distractions and fine-tune your projects. Relationships that have been shaky should begin to enter a phase of stability and grounded routine.


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