• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot - November 2016

KING OF WANDS: A lot will be happening this month and things are on the move. Focus on what you need to accomplish, because the combination of the powerful King energy and the Fire energy will help you move forward and stay on your path. Let go of any worries about what is happening in the world and our country, concentrating instead on your own sphere of influence and what you can do to make your world a better place. You are “on fire” this month as you get into a change mode and make a difference in your own life, so don’t let this opportunity go by.

KNIGHT OF CUPS: You will see positive movement in relationships, with the wonderful Knight energy encouraging you to seek out ways you can bring current friendships and partnerships to a higher level, enjoying aspects of them that perhaps you never noticed before. Spread unconditional love where you see there is none. Focus on remembering that we are all connected rather than allowing divisiveness and rhetoric to consume you. Now more than ever is a time when we need to realize the importance of interconnectedness, recognizing our similarities rather than differences.

4 OF WANDS: Things have been murky and unclear for some time, but as hard as it may seem to believe now, things are on an upswing. Anything is possible, and miracles do happen. The state of our country now is not set in stone, and what appears to be on the horizon may not be so. Just take it a day at a time, visualize a country where we all learn to get along, and remember to inwardly stay peaceful and calm. That is the best way to have peace in your own life, regardless of the chaos that may be swarming around you.

9 OF SWORDS: Anxiety, worry, and doubt may be in the air, but you have the power to not let it bother you by not concentrating on what appears to be. We have tremendous power within ourselves that can affect those around us, so once again stay positive, release the fear, and focus on a better world that is our future. We must continue to be inspired with all the good we see around us, and have hope and optimism that we are ready to move on, having learned the lessons we needed during the previous tumultuous months. Fear and worry do not have to be a part of your life, so avert it by setting an intention that you will see good coming out of the craziness.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: An exciting and unpredictable month is ahead, so use to best advantage the Knight and Fire forces prevalent to carry you along on a positive trajectory. Focus on yourself and what you can control, what you are responsible for, and what you as an individual can do to make this a better place. Relationships will prosper and bring joy, so have fun with others, enjoying one another’s company. The murkiness that has been clouding our vision and interfering with feelings of calm will give way to more hope and optimism, regardless of the way things may look at the start of the month and as they unfold. Remember that anything is possible. Stay in a hopeful, optimistic state of mind rather than in one of anxiety and worry. Do not let fear prevent you from accomplishing all that is possible for you this month.


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