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  • Becky Arrington

Just Stay In Your Lane - A Guide To Going With the Flow

As we begin to awaken and absorb new ideas, it is harder to accept business as usual. What with all this expansion of consciousness and thoughts, you may be ready to change the world! But hold on buddy, even though you are having huge “ahas,” those around you may still be swimming in the same stagnant pond.

How do you integrate a new way of thinking and acting into existing organizations or if you are an entrepreneur, with your mainstream client base? Simply stay in your own lane. Just like the Olympic swimmers -when we have a relatively narrow area to maneuver and remain focused only on our own section, you are oblivious to the chaos in the rest of the pool.

Here are some sure-fire realizations to help you keep focused and in the flow.

  1. You can only control yourself: As much as you would like to change the world, your true scope of influence and control lies within. By looking inside you will discover untapped wisdom and knowledge you may not have realized was there. You may also begin to recognize some limiting beliefs or ideas that you may want to explore and clear away.

  2. Be aware of your feelings: If you are having an emotional reaction, check in to determine what you are feeling. You can’t change things in your head if you’re not aware of them. You have to become an observer of your thoughts, a self-examiner. Be aware that you’re becoming upset, so that you can do something about it. Emotions signal that something needs to be looked at and understood. Identify the feeling, think back to other times you have felt it to try to determine where it originally came from. By exploring the root of our emotions, we can begin to uncover some core issues that may be wrecking havoc in more areas than just work. In turn you may want to spend some time understanding the issue and even seek professional help if warranted. But the most important thing is to own the feeling and be aware of it as opposed to lashing out or shut it down by burying it deep within.

  3. Change the perspective: With the clarity gained from becoming aware of the feeling, try changing the perspective from your own to the other person’s point of view. How might they have seen what happened? Or go higher and try to get a broader view. What does the big picture look like when you get beyond your own personality, emotions and ego?

  4. Accept change and imperfection: Change is the only thing that is constant and coming to terms with that is imperative to reach a state of flow. Even though we like to think otherwise we are not perfect, therefore accepting our less than perfect selves and others will help us adopt a less rigid stance. Stop judging, because you don’t always know the purpose or path another may be on. That is not to say you should give up goals, standards and quality, but recognizing there is going to be change, that there are going to be errors and not going ballistic is a step in the right direction.

  5. Let go of outcome: If you are overly attached to how something has to happen or a particular ending, your anxiousness and focus on it actually increases the likelihood of it NOT occurring. The Law of Attraction teaches us to set a clear intention, follow it with action and then let it go. Hovering and micromanaging are excellent ways to drive people and positive results out the door. Your intense focus on an outcome may be small in comparison to what the Universe has in store for you. Spending too much time or attention fixed on a desire can ultimately keep you from having much bigger results.

Staying in your lane doesn’t mean non-action or isolation, but a demonstration of observation, awareness, neutrality and non-attachment. When you stop controlling others, reacting emotionally, take a higher view, quit judging and let the Universe take over, your whole persona shifts and others will react to you differently. It helps you create a joy filled life in which you are indeed in the flow.

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