• Ian Boccio

Reconnecting Hearts and Minds

One of the most fundamental difficulties that afflicts the human race as a whole at this time is the split between intellect and emotion. This is a process that has been going on for a thousand years or more, which began to pick up steam with the Renaissance and the rise of Secular Humanism, and really came into its full flowering in the Industrial Age from the late 19th century until the present time. What has occurred is a division within the human psyche, a conditioning that forces us to experience thoughts and feelings as separate things, rather than the fundamentally interrelated expressions of consciousness which they really are. The long-term effects of this split have been traumatic, to say the least, for humanity, since we require both the heart and the mind to be fully open before we can experience our true nature.

Without diving into the murky realm of conspiracy theories, we can say that this has been a systematic deconstruction of the way our life force functions that is, at least, a part of the ending of the previous cosmic aeon, and that the prevailing energies of the Piscean Age have been conducive to the creation and the widening of this split. As we move into the future, we find ourselves, as a species, at a fork in the road. We are faced with a choice to either heal this psychic wound and enter into the next phase of our evolution, or continue to let it fester and poison us, leading to our inevitable extinction. It is a test that all of humanity faces, are we willing to reconnect ourselves and discover who we really are, or will we remain in our vicious cycle of fear, greed and hate?

Now more than ever, the signs of this are around us throughout the world. In the United States, the current Presidential election cycle is giving us an unprecedented view of our shadow side. The rise of Donald Trump has emboldened those who live in fear, who thrive on division and hatred, and who would gleefully send humanity down the apocalyptic path. The ongoing campaign being waged by the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, which seeks to drag humanity back to a Medieval existence (which was called “The Dark Ages” in Europe for a reason) is another outward manifestation of the hole in our collective consciousness. But apart from these very obvious situations, the more insidious effects are happening all around us. Alienation, loneliness, disconnection, lack of community, competition rather than cooperation, the symptoms of a dissociation between the mind and the heart that threaten to unravel society as we know it. When the heart and mind are not connected, violence, to others and to self, becomes easy, becomes normal.

Great strides have already been made on the part of women throughout the world, reconnecting to an intellect that has been repressed by thousands of years of Patriarchy. Men are lagging far behind for their part though, and perhaps the greatest challenge of our times is to gently usher men into the acceptance of their emotions. Most of the horrors that beset our world are the result of men struggling against this reconnection to their hearts. The emotions are strange and often upsetting, and therefore dangerous, so men typically react violently against them. That said there is a movement bubbling below the surface of society of people who are longing for this reconnection and seeking out the means to create it.

Fortunately there have been some among us who have reintegrated their consciousness fully, and they have often become great teachers with a mission to help others reconnect hearts and minds, shepherding humanity towards the next phase of its destiny in the Aquarian Age. The techniques are out there and available now for those who are willing to use them. Plumbing the depths of our psychic traumas to find that fundamental wound can be a scary experience, but once the journey has begun, it quickly becomes clear that there never was any other choice. We must become whole again if we are to survive. Though the road seems dark and dangerous, we must not turn away.


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