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Still Point

“...and Jesus said ‘give me a drink’”.

Hello Dear Reader...

When Jesus asked the woman for a drink and then told her many things about herself, it was a beautiful reflection of two different types of thirst. One in the physical and one in the soul. Our souls are thirsty.

Sixteen years ago my soul was desperate for a deep drink of spiritual water. I had reached the end of my belief system (Christianity ) which resulted in me also choosing to leave my village. In search of more connection to the divine, I wanted to feel my faith in action and see people’s lives changed because of it. Inside myself there was that great duality and a burning question of “am I enough?”. Think Christ asked himself that a few hun- dred times? Perhaps the woman at the well was also asking that question.

I thought I wanted more but what I was truly trying to communicate to myself and others, was that “I was more”. I wanted to be more and express more than my current paradigm was allowing. “What was the barrier” you ask? Judgement. Within a faith that taught unconditional love, at the end of the day I was still left with separation and the idea that my Joy and happiness is somewhere beyond death. My spirit, my higher self knew better and now I have the experience to prove it.

What is in your WELL? Your well is your source, your heart of hearts. It is refillable thru your connection to your God-self. The curious thing about this question is it com- pletely reveals the truth about how you are treating yourself within the mental and emo- tional spaces. It comes back to relationship. For example; are you judging your thoughts with emotional guards from certain beliefs system? Or perhaps not allowing yourself to FEEL because of ridged mental structures established by a religion or a other archetype. Get to know thyself!

This is why we are here, to evolve our rela- tionship. With God, with our neighbors, with our lovers, friends and most importantly our Children. We always begin within ourselves, everything else is a reflection.

Our Still Point for October is this...take a moment and sit at the edge of your well, and find the still reflection of your highest self. Appreciate your journey and find your one- ness with your heart and channel that love into all your relationships. Be kind to yourself as you transform. You are a bright and bril- liant being.

I am Phoenix Lea

A clear and perfect channel.


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