• Ariel Rose

October 2016

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The month of October opens with the Sun moving through balanced, graceful Libra. This diplomat of the zodiac is ruled by romantic Venus and symbolized by the scales of justice. Their Air element and Cardinal modality makes them intellectual and suited for roles of leadership. Libra is the sign of partnership, marriage, friends, the law and agreements. They are always seeking ways to create better relationships and will work to bridge differences with others. This sign can suffer from indecision as they will always weigh the pros and cons of any choice before them. Justice and fairness for everyone is a strong desire and they will fight for peace, like famous Libran Gandhi, who used his knowledge of the legal system and a path of non-violence to effect change. A natural counselor, lawyer and artist, Libra is a 'people person' who understands social refinement and the need for harmonious friendships.

October gives us a fresh energy as we open the month with a New Moon cycle and Mercury moving direct. We should have greater mental clarity and ability to move forward and recover from any setbacks we struggled with in September. Jupiter and Mercury in Libra will have us focusing on peace and relationship harmony. Venus in Scorpio until the 18th encourages us to go deeper in love and work to heal any emotional conflicts within ourselves or others.

Our Full Moon arrives on Sunday the 16th at 12:23am EST. This is the Aries Full Moon of the year and highlights personal identity, self-esteem and our fighting warrior spirit. This is a dynamic, aggressive Moon that pushes us to grow and embrace our life's purpose.

Stay balanced and enjoy the beautiful month of October!

Aries - All of your personal relationships are highlighted this month and you will need to be aware of the balance between you and loved ones. Your ability to love and include partners is expanding and improving. Going it alone isn't always the best way to go. Slow and steady wins the race now and any roadblocks you encounter need to be worked through with patience. Your stamina and energy are strong now, so complete old tasks and projects.

Taurus - Health and wellness are key this month and if you've been feeling physically off-balance it's time to get back on track! Too much of anything can throw off your equilibrium, so make sure there is yin to the yang. Eating a balanced diet, getting proper rest and harmonizing work and play are essential. Your physical endurance and drive are steady, so you should be able to effectively restore your well-being.

Gemini - This month should come as a breath of fresh air for you, Gemini! After the difficult energies of September - October has you ready to play and socialize. Expect to feel even better after the 7th, when your ruling planet Mercury moves into friendship-loving sign Libra. Get out your favorite creative projects and go to town! Including your friends, kids or a beloved pet will increase your joy and optimism.

Cancer - The Cardinal strain of Libra can be a mood-damper for you this month and you will feel the friction around you. Relationships can also be a balancing act and it might be a little harder to keep the peace and not enter into a conflict. Home, however is a place of solace and spending some quality 'me time' can help you get your bearings. Finding your own calm center will give you the ability to reconcile differences and create harmony.

Leo - October is a cheerful month for Leo and you should get out of the house for light-hearted times with friends. Good conversation, humor and communications are flowing smoothly and it's a great time to brainstorm new projects or plans. Romance could be confusing, with too much secrecy going on for your taste. Avoid spending time on people who are not open and above-board with you. Stick to positive people who encourage your best qualities!

Virgo - This is the perfect month for reviewing finances and balancing your resources. After last month's Mercury retrograde in your sign, it's a good idea to check details and weed out any miscalculations that might have occurred. Relationships are favored and have the ability to be light-hearted yet passionate at the same time. Mars in earthy Capricorn suits you perfectly and your creative pursuits and work projects can flourish.

Libra - Happy Birthday Libra! Your month will feel expansive and optimistic as Jupiter has moved into your sign for the coming year. This lucky planet will help you to move obstacles and clear a path for greater personal freedom. Mars is challenging your sign this month, so be aware that it may take just a little longer to push projects to their completion. A mysterious or intriguing relationship may arise now, so decide if you want to go there or not!

Scorpio - It's that time of year when you will feel even more introverted than usual and need space to process and regenerate. Give yourself a peaceful haven where you can release emotions and cleanse any built-up negativity from the previous 11 months. Venus in your sign creates loving feelings and although you are feeling sensitive, you'll still want your closest loved ones nearby. Personal energy is stable and motivated, so you can get plenty of work done, especially from home.

Sagittarius - This is a month of world-consciousness and radical thoughts, as you seek to liberate yourself and others. You won't be able to stand for injustice now and might even travel to assist in some kind of humanitarian or environmental effort. If love or romance have been confusing, don't let it get you down. Venus will shift into your sign on the 18th, giving you a boost of charisma and charm that will give your relationships extra spark and potential.

Capricorn - The energy of Libra can present a challenge for you, Capricorn - but it also lights a fire that gets you moving! Travel, expansion and personal development will call to you and it can be refreshing to alter course from your usual routines. Mars in your sign will make you bold and aggressive. You'll be more willing to fight for what's important to you and your opponents should steer clear! Relationships have potential to be passionate and fulfilling which will effect your career in a positive way.

Aquarius - This is a month of mystery and psychological depth. Don't be surprised if deeper, darker emotions rise to the surface and you need to work through some old feelings or issues. The help of a trusted counselor or friend can be very beneficial in revealing the source of your challenges. Try not to avoid painful subjects, as this can be an extremely powerful time to heal past wounds and mend troubled relationships. Traveling to a serene location can also go a long way to soothe your soul.

Pisces - You are searching for emotional depth and meaning in your relationships this month. You may draw closer to people who you can 'go deep' with and discuss spiritual or esoteric subjects. Shallow experiences are not for you in general and that is even more true now. You feel compelled to do work that will helps the world and people around you in a solid, tangible way. It's time to turn your greatest dreams into reality!


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