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Community Spotlight - City Of Light

“Someone called it a Spiritual Mall” said Rev. Dr. Paul Graetz, Senior Minister of City of Light, describing the vision and mission for its new center for spiritual collaboration. Located at 3125 Presidential Parkway in Atlanta, City of Light is living the dream of creating a diverse center for spiritual awakening and greater enlightenment.

So what is City of Light? It starts with a congregation that brings together the Affiliated New Thought Network, Unity and the Metropolitan Community Church under one roof, but it doesn’t stop there. “It has a broader mission to invite Atlanta’s light workers to come together under one roof…sort of a one stop shop for your spiritual life. Rev. Dr. Graetz, sees City of Light as more than just a church, but a “City”, a vast community that offers the light of spiritual illumination in diverse ways. He thinks of it as a place that offers people the opportunity to share their gifts, talents, teaching, and or calling with others in a total mind, body and soul center.

This exciting vision brought forth a recent purchase by the congregation of a 36,000 sq. foot 3 story building located just off I-85 at the Chamblee Tucker Road exit in Atlanta. The former office building has been transformed to house not only the church with a celebration sanctuary that seats 300 but also provide furnished offices, workshop spaces, program facilities, meditation rooms, facilities for yoga, Tai chi, kitchen, banquet hall, a conference center and more for Atlanta’s diverse spiritual leaders and practioners to flourish.

Already, City of Light provides facilities for a diverse collaboration of partners in this vision. Spiritual practitioners, life coaches, Vegan Spirituality groups, Reiki healers, Chakra workers, wedding officiants, meditation groups, fitness coaches, and workshop leaders have made this center their home. The compassion work of feeding the homeless, providing clothing and weekly distribution of food for families also takes place through City of Light’s vision. It’s the home of The Emerson Theological Institute at City of Light offering weekly classes for those seeking a Bachelors, Masters and or Doctorate Degree in New Thought and Metaphysical Studies. This fall a video and television center will open to bring the power of spiritual enlightenment to broader audiences.

The key word for the vision is collaboration. City of Light wants to create ways for todays spiritual teachers, healers, visionaries to come together. They believe that the support of one another is so vital to Altanta’s spiritual awakening. So they are offering an environment that lives out the power of yes, by continually creating ways for people to connect in the vision of unfolding higher consciousness for Atlanta.

“We envision a Spa for the Soul””, says Dr. Graetz. “A place where you can stop in any day and find spiritual workers available for treatment, services, spiritual care, just like a spa for the body, but now for the highest and best of the soul.”

The building is conviently located within the 285 perimeter just off the I 85 Chamblee Tucker exit. The retreat like location features a nature ravine that has been declared a bird sanctuary and is home to Atlanta’s urban deer. The huge floor to ceiling glass windows provide excellent views and make you feel as if you are surrounded by the gifts of nature. It all adds to the amazing energy of the place.

The vision of City of Light is not complete as they see even greater things yet to come. Each week they are welcoming new collaborative partners as the dream unfolds. Yes, there is still room for more, for they believe Spirit is ever expanding.

If you would like to be part of this collaborative vision or if you are seeking more information call Dr. Graetz at 404-219-6075.


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