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Breathe - Finding Sanctuary

Where do you go when life has you drowning? You can escape to a world of outer distractions, or you can choose to go into your personal sanctuary for reflection and guidance! This place is a place of inner calm, reflection, solace, knowing and love. This is your inner most beloved, YOU. As we learn to accept the quick and fast ever present changes this universe is presenting to us we must turn to the highest source of ourselves to find sanctuary and gain knowledge. It is our higher conscious that will help us ride the wave of the past, changes we all may be experiencing during these fascinating times.

When we begin to take a look within into our own sanctuary we can learn about how we hold on to old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are damaging our current well-being. We may harbor and carry around beliefs and patterns that were taught to us as children, which creates chaos in our current lives. I myself have uncovered many imprints that my parents branded unto me. Are they bad? Well that’s all in how you choose to look at it. I use them as ways to heal myself and am able to teach others how to use theirs too. As a Priestess and Shaman or Shamystic, as we have recently called it, we are wounded healers. We each have a wounded healer within us and in our astrological chart somewhere it is wherever Chiron falls. In my Shamanic Breathwork™ training we are encouraged to use the breathwork as a form of going within, deep into our consciousness and our inner sanctuary to find resolve and make peace with our shadows. We are even encouraged to dance with the shadow as a part of our beauty.

Breathwork does more than challenge us to go within, it is life changing!

When I need to find sanctuary in the outer world I first go to nature. I take my shoes off and sink my soles into the earth, I close my eyes and listen to what is around me, I feel the sun, breeze, rain or whatever form of weather we may be experiencing on my skin. I then turn inward and have a heart to heart with myself about whatever may be on my mind and I quiet my mind and open my third eye, womb, and heart to hear what messages might come forth. When I feel at ease and peace I open my eyes and choose to look at the situations with new eyes and a clearer heart. I may choose to journal a few words so that I remember what thoughts and feelings came through. I also enjoy finding music that suits my mood and dance my ass off. I have several play lists that move you through the Chakras via dance. Dance seems to move feelings upward and outward into expansive expression and is a great workout too.

By far my sanctuary has become my breath. It causes me to relax and get out of my body, dive deep into my psyche and let go of what needs to be released and recall what needs to come home to mama. A session of Shamanic Breathwork™ consists of lying on a mat and breathing for about 60 minutes to an evocative set of music that will take you through the chakras awakening what needs to come forward. After the session we do a piece of art and process the feeling that may be hiding within the picture. It is such a transformative work of healing! I am so transformed by this work that I have spent this year working towards and obtaining my credentials as a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. I look forward to serving the community with this work and continuing on this spiral path of transformation and change through the breath.

So breathe Aquarians, just breathe!


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