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What is it?

Do you have one?

Do we…the human race…have one?

Last month, we began a journey of spirit, using the art of Keith Prossick (p. 7-8) to guide us and help us gain greater insight about our spiritual journey of higher consciousness.

The theme last month was “Breaking the Mandala” - and fundamentally, it addresses the first great truth of spiritual life. That is…the authentic spiritual journey begins with trouble, with suffering, with pain. “Breaking the mandala” is a symbol that reveals that the incarnation of the spiritual into the material both begins with, and creates, all kinds of disruption, chaos, and even pain.

I have never met an awakened person who did not wake up because of - or accompanied by - pain. Suffering, loss, fear, confusion, disruption, chaos…all of these things are fertile ground for the emerging and arising of the human spirit and consciousness.

So…if you are in a place of pain and darkness, take hope…a new spiritual consciousness is beginning to make itself known, and your life is going to shift into a new realm of love and vision.

This month’s theme is “Sanctuary”, and is based on the painting found on page 8.

Why “Sanctuary”? Look at it this way…when pain or suffering come, it usually causes us to seek why this is happening and what we can do to make it stop…or to at least find the personal power to endure it.

What we are seeking for is Sanctuary…a “place” where the sacred work can occur, and where we can be safe, or secure, or cared for. We may think we are seeking relief…but even seeking for relief is manifesting the need and desire for Sanctuary.

This life is not intended to be lived alone, or in pain. We are all part of a family, and our souls are always seeking connection to that family. When the mandala (the very carefully constructed framework of our lives) breaks…we recognize our need for healing and family, and we begin to seek.

Sanctuary is not just a “place”…it is the process of seeking for a “place.” When we being to acknowledge our need and desire, we actually begin to create our Sanctuary. How does that happen? Because though we may “find” healing or family in another place, or person, or experience…the truth is also that we created it from our very desire for it.

Keith Prossick’s insight to his painting “Pagoda” is very illuminative about the journey towards Sanctuary. He speaks of the language used in the material world, and the language used in the spiritual world. The two are very different, and will act in contradiction to one another, often causing confusion and disturbance.

Apply that to the soul’s journey to Sanctuary, and you can see a very important truth. Spirit does not operate at the same energy level as the material. It uses different concepts, ideas, feelings and experiences. For example: in the material world, success may feel happy and intoxicating. In the spiritual world, success will most likely feel painful and profoundly transformative.

“Language” (as Keith speaks about it) is not just words; it is the entirety of how we express ourselves as humans. The process of the journey towards Sanctuary requires a new language…a new way of expressing ourselves, our inner lives, our relationship to the world and to one another. If we are willing to learn a new “language”, we will discover our Sanctuary quickly.

We all need Sanctuary…and our world desperately needs it. Most people would say that they do not feel as if there is a safe process or “place” where they can experience the full range of spirit and consciousness. How do I know this? Just look at the statistics: over 70% of the current work force is NOT happy with their job, but they feel as if they must stick with it in order to have enough money to do what society tells them they must be doing to be successful. However, further statistics reveal that, again, over 70% of people, are not happy in life and do not feel successful.

Those people want to create art, or explore the world, or help others less fortunate than themselves. They are propelled to create a better and more consciously aware world. However, they feel as if they cannot do that because they would “pay a price” in their career, their wealth, or their relationships.

Those people need Sanctuary. They need a place where they can explore and act on their inner motivations - they need the support to live from their hearts. That is what Sanctuary is all about.

This past weekend, I attended a sweat lodge with a group of people who are rapidly becoming my Tribe. I feel such safety with them, and acceptance, and love. I believe they desire my very best, and will stick with me even if my “very best” turns into a nightmare. They are authentic, vulnerable, transparent…and openly (and radically) pursuing the vision of their hearts.

They are my Sanctuary. I have a handful of friends who are also my Sanctuary. There is a place in the mountains that I go to remember who I am and remember who God is…and that place is my Sanctuary. There is a time of day when I sit and watch the sunrise, and listen to the world waking up…and meditate on the immense blessedness of my life. That time is my Sanctuary.

All of those places, people, experiences and times are pieces of a journey that I have created. That journey is my Sanctuary.

Do you have Sanctuary? Are you on a journey there? Perhaps we can go there together.



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