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Iridescent Illusionists!

Don't Miss Broadway's Extraordinary Hit in Atlanta As Telepathy, Transmutation, Pyromania, Telekinesis, Medieval Archery, Sleight of Hand and other Enchanting Forms of Trickery Light Up the Night -

For four more nights only through October 2nd at the Fabulous Fox Theatre with its fantastic Fifth Third Bank Broadway Series!

The visually mesmerizing and mentally mind-boggling Illusionists - Live from Broadway will stun gun you to your feet and spin its transcendentally dazzling spell. At The Fabulous Fox for only four nights more, seven of magic's finest - all wildly different majestic masters of illusion - will have you on your feet. Prepare, too, for the possibility - as many were - of being invited to the stage and to have your mind both read and altered. For this is truly an electric and iridescent night that brings new heights, vision and gravitas to the world of the magic show.

Our host, the Vegas inspired comedian trickster Jeff Hobson is, himself, a multi-gifted, fast moving, fast-talking comedian. Watch out for his laser sharp throw-away one liner Robin Williamsesque barbs as he struts his Liberace inspired stuff down to the shoes with remarkable showmanship and pizz zazz. This seamless ensemble of super stars is gathered from every corner of the earth and transports us to its surreal reality where anything is possible. All of this is meticulously projected on screens and depicted on stage as a peripatetic camera man captures every detail and close up moment of revealment!

Here a piece of paper becomes a beautiful moving sculpture and is transported to a rose and a paper snowflake alchemizes into first flurries and then a snow storm that literally fills the Moroccan nightscape at Atlanta's Fox Theater. These are all inventions of the wonder inspiring Kevin James who is equally comfortable swinging a chain saw and reconfiguring human bodies big and small. His deconstruction of the woman getting cut in half is a revisioning of this classic trick of magical lore. It is no wonder this through the looking glass, other planetary world of mirrors, smoke, fire, stars, blood, snowflakes and holograms - where life and, even, death, careen dangerously - has been called by the New York Times "a high tech magical extravaganza."

The show's seven magnificent showmen confound us with their show-stopping, sometimes death-defying skills: Death defying literally in the case of escapologist the Italian Houdini-inspired Andrew Basso, the weapon master Fabio marksmen Ben Blaque and self-mutilating Dan Sperry, the anti-conjurist. Basso, armed with only a paper clip, reenacts Houdini's most famed escape. He almost actually drowned in his tomb of water during this dangerous upside down and handcuffed daredevil stunt at the Sydney Opera House. There the show had to really be stopped, bringing new meaning to the term show stopper! Blaque with his devilish sexy smile, gorgeous mane of hair and rock star bravado shoots an apple off his own head, blindfolded, backwards with multiple triggering targets all over the stage in what could have been his own demise, literally!

How does the dapper and brilliant Dickinson mentalist Colin Cloud who opens the show with an astounding math feat read all or our minds collectively and individually? He had all of our minds not only read but blown and our mouth's agape. Without breaking a sweat, Cloud deduced a participating audience member's mother's maiden name, residence, the name of her first pet, the name of her companion as well as her occupation and that she'd eaten a green apple earlier that day. He even had his unwitting and lovely participant spouting the name of his first pet as the gift of mind-reading almost seemed to contaig and spontaneously combust!

Inventor Kevin James gives an endearing and imaginative performance of telekinesis as a paper flower defies gravity, floats on air and transmutes into a real flower. The rose is gifted to a charming little girl together with a magic set. The collective hope is that she will help change the mostly male-dominated magical landscape into the future.

Sleight of hand genius lyrical and beguiling South Korean Yu Ho-Jin graced the stage with poetic charm and the fluid and elegant movements of his impossibly beautiful hands and mysterious manifestations. Here playing cards shape-shift into messages and startling optical illusions.

Shock illusionist Dan Sperry, a kind of Alice Cooper/Edward Scissorhand blend, is a master of the macabre and the gory but shows his soft side when he artfully metamorphs fabric into exotic birds who fly over the awed audience, returning for the show's finale.

It has been said before, but this time we really, really mean it: Run do not walk to The Fox for a night that catapults magic into an entirely different stratosphere - and could change your life! Call for your tickets now at (404) 881-2100 or check out as the fantastic Fifth Third Bank Broadway Series continues.

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