• Phoenix Lea

Still Point

Hello Dear Reader. Let us get right into it today with a question, " are you able to handle the silence"? Silence is PRESENCE as the unknown. Silence is light moving into the darkness and the darkness comprehending it not, at first, but then as presence expands out of the recognizes the new space-the unknown- as a remembering of itself. Your ability to navigate the unknown places and spaces within your heart and mind, are of the utmost importance at this time and in this season. The frequency of love and light is your internal guide. Showing you the way to peaceable harmony as the outer worlds begin to unwind further. Your ability to hold yourself and those you love with a conscious consciousness is imperative as you stand as a light worker assisting the collective and universal grids of the planet. Self LOVE is your daily practice by now as you are available to extend your hearts and hands to others as a renewable source of compassion and strength. (Love your neighbor as you love yourself). Conscious consciousness, is your ability to know your whole self without judgement and extending that "no judgement" clause to others. This will eradicate fear. Clear expectations and move you into a curious stance towards yourself and others, as you are allowing them to choose their experiences without control or fear. This is friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood and the true companionship of a lover. This is not a passive stance by the way. It is the art of awareness and allowing. The practice of detachment as to understand and not react to everything as if it were personal. Only a peaceful person can be a peacemaker when called upon. We are magnets of PEACE. Our Still Point for September is to practice holding your consciousness, conscious. You are I am presence incarnate, as you move and have your being in this physical world. Remembering this daily will help you become more compassionate towards life. No one is perfect Zen all the time but we can alleviate our guilt and fears by reminding ourselves of our oneness. Hopefully as this happens within us it will be experienced all around us as joy, bliss and freedom. I am Phoenix Lea A Clear and Perfect Channel 2016


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