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How to Use the New “Words for Meditation” in the Monthly Moon Calendar

As the new contributor of the monthly Moon Calendar, I hope you’ll enjoy and find comfort in the additional “Words for Meditation” that I’ve added for each day. Meditation is always a good idea. And during this time of uncertainty and frightening events worldwide, it’s more important than ever that we ground ourselves in spiritual practice and focus on the energies available to us in a positive way so that we can elevate the vibration for everyone. It’s important that we stand in love and connection within ourselves as we reach out to others. The energies and thoughts that we breathe in and out impact not only our own minds, bodies, and hearts, but everything and everyone around us. With that in mind, I’m offering 3 or 4 words and phrases that symbolize the energy of the Moon for each day. In knowing the kind of energy that’s available to us each day, our meditations become a way to work and move in harmony with the Universe.

A very simple way to meditate with these words and phrases is to focus on them in an 8/4 breath count pattern.

  1. Sit comfortably (anywhere and any way that feels good to you), close your eyes, and breathe in deeply to a slow count of 8. Focus on counting to clear you mind of other things. As you breathe in, fill your belly fully and let it expand, pulling air into your body from the bottom of your torso up to your throat. Feel your belly, then your solar plexus, and then your chest expand as you breathe in.

  2. Hold the breath for a slow count of 4.

  3. And then, releasing the air from the top down, exhale to a slow count of 8.

That’s inhaling to a count of 8, holding for a count of 4, exhaling to a count of 8, and holding for a count of 4. Repeat that for several minutes until the rhythm comes naturally. Then bring in the meditation words.

  1. Now instead of focusing on counting and feeling your body expand and contract (which at this point will be happening automatically), on the in-breath focus on one of the words for meditation. Really pull that word or phrase into your being.

  2. Hold the breath and hold the word…

  3. As you exhale, release the word with your breath. Focus on the word or phrase going out into the world as an invitation to everyone and everything, everywhere. Know that they are receiving your gift.

  4. Hold before breathing in.

  5. Repeat breathing in and exhaling this word or phrase several times, until it becomes comfortable.

  6. And now repeat the process with the next words or phrases, one at a time, being sure to spend as much time as needed to feel comfortable with each one so that you fully recognize how they are impacting you and enhancing your growth, transformation, and evolution, and also how they are impacting others.

In effect, you are becoming a conduit for positive change for yourself and others – generating good thoughts and good energy that will emanate outward.

It’s my hope that meditating with these words will help to ground and center you and will allow you to be more joyful as you go through each day.

May each day spent meditating with the Moon be magical!

Michelle Gregg Counseling Astrologer


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