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AQ Art - Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award Winner "Company" at Actor's Express!!

Actor Lowrey Brown fulfills a dream playing the lead Bobby struggling with commitment in Stephen Sondheim’s seven time Tony Winner including Best Musical about marriage - COMPANY. The show opens Actor’s Express 29th Season on July 30th and is now extended through September 11th!!

"This production differs because of the intimate space at Actor's Express. You can't hide upstage there. The audience will feel as if they are in the New York apartments with us…. We hope to create a piece of art that stirs the heart and mind into thankfulness for the ones we love. And offer courage to those who are still looking for that person."

– Actor Lowrey Brown, who plays the lead role of Bobby in "Company"

"Elegant, unexpectedly stirring....era-defining" -- New York Times

Actor’s Express’s Artistic Director Freddie Ashley brings this chic and stylish version of one of Sondheim’s greatest hits, the musical Company to the King Plough Art’s Center stage opening July 30th and now extended through September 11th, 2016. Company is, in my opinion, one of the most complex and brilliant musical explorations of the ambiguities of marriage and commitment that has ever hit the stage. Here we catch up with Company’s lead actor Lowrey Brown cast in his dream part as Bobby, the profoundly charismatic and confused bachelor in this tour d' force role.

How has being an actor helped you develop as a person?

I think what made me move towards being an actor was the excitement of seeing life through someone else's perspective. So often in life, we focus only on what is most important to us. Having the opportunity to portray different characters is a reminder for me: To listen to others. Respect others. And discover a way that my life can complement theirs.

Do you resonate in particular with the themes of Bobby and Company?

I do. Yes. More so than I would care to admit. In college, I dated... rarely. I was a good flirt. Bobby leads women on. Not maliciously. He genuinely wants to get married some day. I think every girl he meets could be the one... Maybe? But he is afraid. Terrified. This play is about him choosing to take a step towards the fear. Embracing it, knowing that is the only way he can move forward.....

How does this production differ from previous revivals and renditions?

Freddie Ashley, our director, has shown me a few concept drawings and pin boards. I know he wants to create an elegant show. Every cast member will be dressed to the nines.

Have you worked with Actor's Express before? If so, what have been the high points of that experience?

I have never worked at the Express before, but I have worked with Freddie before in college and during my first professional musical production. I am thrilled to work with him again and see what Golden Girls’ quotes make it into the rehearsal process this time around! Freddie loves the Golden Girls and often uses quotes from the show to direct. It is absolutely hysterical.

What can audiences look forward to in this production of Company? How will it be unique?

Audiences have the chance to see some amazing talent in this production. From Kelly Chapin Martin to Libby Whittemore. Or Dan Ford to Steve Hudson... at this point I should just name the whole cast – ha ha... Every cast member is an Atlanta native, which is wonderful to see within our community. The show itself is hilarious, at times, poignant at others.

Don't miss Lowrey Brown as Bobby as Actor’s Express’s launches its 2016/17th season with Company directed by Artistic Director Freddie Ashley. Ashley displayed his and the Actor’s Express ensemble’s exceptional chops last season with the acclaimed Sweeney Todd, and the season before, with its nearly miraculous take on the musical Rent.Actor’s Express cabaret chanteuse Libby Whittemore takes on the ambitious role of Joanne made renowned on Broadway by the late, ribald and brilliant Elaine Stritch and her virtuosic talk/singing rendition of “The Ladies’ Who Lunch.”

Company’s powerful and unforgettable score has brought us such great song soliloquies as “Another Hundred People” and the ensemble triumph “Sorry/Grateful,” breath-taking ballads all celebrating and bemoaning the singularity and isolation of modern life as well as the anguish and uncertainty coupled with the desperate drive towards marriage, love and commitment. For season subscriptions or show tickets go to or call the box office at 404-607-7469. These tickets are hot, hot hot, so don't delay! This production of Company is sponsored by Stephen Michael Brown.

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