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Still Point

Brother Laurence wrote "the only one we ever make love to, is God". Brother Laurence was a 16th Century Monk.

In my experience we find ourselves in sex. Just like we do in the seeking of God source- our creator. Many of us also play a game of hide and seek with God and our partners when we deny who we really are. In bed or in the confessional it matters not because eventually our souls will spill the beans as to what our hearts are hungry for. Connection. Intimacy. Companionship.

If you met God on the beach of your mind and had a hand in hand walk with Source, would you not find yourself in the essence of presence as you experienced yourself as wholly wanted, loved and known? Is that not the same desire and devotion when we share our physical, mental and emotional selves with another human during this communion called sex. We undress into trust and vulnerability seeking to feel what our minds can not seem to remember and that is that we are one and we are loved. Intimacy experienced within our spirituality is so often misguided as it seeks expansion and truth. Sex is a mystery for most of us. As it should be.

"The sexual and the emotional state are, in effect, tied hand in hand with each other;

true sexuality, to a degree, revolves around survival." The Wonders

We find ourselves is sex. Pleasure becomes joy and we experience God. Two lovers who can find a sweet intimacy with balance and challenge to the male and female energy parts, can mirror the image of God. Sex is a hunt toward a freedom that can be found in sharing yourself with another. And in that knowing through your sensual perceivers, taste and touch, you merge and reemerge into formless essence and back into individual form again. Sex is divine and primal emergence ending in the rest and companionship of comfort.

Spiritual love making is quite transformative truth of acceptance and infuses the soul to experience its passions taking action with a definitive confidence and devotion within the relationship it is cultivating.

Our Still Point is this - to love one must learn to listen - according to the Buddha.

Listening requires patience and patience requires mindfulness and mindfulness requires focused attention of the coordinated eyes turned inward. Sex gives us an opportunity to not only serve another but also to receive in return all the love that we put out into the universe all day long. Sex is a companionship with the self and if you choose to share it with another... a glimpse into one's personal devotion to God. Namaste.

I am Phoenix Lea

A Clear and Perfect Channel


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