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Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The deep Summer is upon us and with it comes the warmest of all signs - Leo the lion. This generous, loyal sign is ruled by the Sun, which gives them their natural 'star quality'. Vibrant creativity is always close to the surface and their natural flair for showmanship makes them a natural artist, actor, director and performer of the highest caliber. Even the more introverted lion will shine brightly in the lives of those they interact with. Cultivating a healthy sense of self-worth will bring out the positive aspects of their sign, while downplaying the negative sides of being overly dramatic and egotistical. If you are a lion, be aware that flattery often wins you over and you should only seek honest praise from genuine people. Leo rules the 5th house of the Zodiac wheel, which includes the joy of pets and children, games or sports and receiving love. A sign of optimism and generosity, there is no one like a Leo to bring sunshine to the down-hearted and encouragement to those in need.

We begin our August with the New Moon in Leo and Mars moving ahead in fiery Sagittarius. A mood of optimism prevails, but you'll notice everyone gets more conservative with money and social commitments as Venus moves into discerning Virgo on Friday the 5th. Saturn moves into direct motion on Saturday 13th after a 5 month long retrograde. This is especially good news for Capricorn, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries - however, we will all benefit from Saturn's shift that gets our long-term plans and practical goals progressing forward again.

Be sure to get most of your important decisions out of the way this month, as the end of August brings us our 3rd Mercury Retrograde of 2016. This one happens in the sign of Virgo, so expect plenty of review into your habits pertaining to nutrition, organization, group dynamics on the job and overall health.

Our Full Moon of the month arrives on Thursday the 18th at 5:27am EST in the independent and freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. This is an electric and rebellious Moon that will increase your world-consciousness and bring up your highest ideals. It's a good time to embrace your individuality, remember what makes you unique and celebrate diversity.

Keep cool and have a wonderful August!

Aries - You'll begin to feel back in the swing of things and the frustrations or sad feelings you've been dealing with start to melt away. Your physical health is a top priority and you may enjoy exercise with friends or co-workers. Creative energies are high so be sure to express yourself. Organization is on your mind and you can accomplish a great deal when it comes to getting the house cleaned out and your money matters in order.

Taurus - The Sun in Leo challenges your naturally fixed sign with a stubbornness of it's own! Aim to be as flexible as possible to create a more peaceful and relaxed home environment. This is a time to work out the details of some creative project, which could be personal or professional. Fine tune your thoughts and words, while avoiding your inner critic. Your are social and health conscious now, so enjoy nourishing meals with like-minded friends.

Gemini - This month has you brimming with creative ideas and opinions on how to beneficially serve others. You may meet with opposition, as most people are focused on practical methods and don't want to take risks. Can you put your ideas across in a way that makes your unconventional plans feel real and attainable? Be patient and calm with all relationships, as there is a 'push-pull' energy at work that challenges your desire to move forward quickly.

Cancer - Stay grounded and centered this month as you review practical matters of money and personal goals. Take a balanced approach, so you can satisfy both your physical and spiritual needs at the same time. It can be helpful to consult a financial advisor or responsible friend for any areas you need extra help with. A health-related issue may take more time to resolve than previously thought. You'll want to rush forward, but be patient and give yourself healing time to completely recover.

Leo - Happy Birthday Leo! You're the star of the show this month and will have renewed physical energy and radiance. Creative projects gain momentum and time spent with children or animals will bring joy and lighten your heart. It's not ALL fun and games however, as you will need to spend some time clearing up financial matters and organizing plans pertaining to money. You should do well in any event, as you have extra wisdom and foresight on your side now.

Virgo - This is primarily a month of quiet reflection and thoughtful review. It's a perfect time to release old negative thoughts or troubling experiences of the past and initiate positive new routines. Although you may feel rather introverted, other people will find you quite attractive and it will be up to you whether or not to accept social invitations. You may find it difficult to express yourself as clearly as you want, so write down your feelings and ideas. Review them next month to see what still needs attention.

Libra - The process of peace and using your diplomatic abilities to improve the world are highlighted this month. You are drawn to be a bright light for hope and you should do what you can to encourage the people you care about. You've been learning a great deal about your inner spirituality and how to find calm through the storms. The time is quickly approaching when you can use your own lessons of overcoming challenge to help others with theirs.

Scorpio - Long-term goals for career and work are at the forefront and you could find yourself in the spotlight, even though you'd rather be behind the scenes. Thoughts of the future and higher ideals will continue to grow and it's possible you will be planning some transformational life changes that will give you more freedom. Remember you are in a phase of life that is powerfully altering your old value system and creating new improved standards.

Sagittarius - The fog begins to clear this month as Mars transits into your sign with forward momentum. No doubt you will feel more energized and driven to make up for the sluggish pace of the last several months. However, you should guard against the slingshot effect and be careful not to fly so fast you miss something important to your journey. Travel is favored and even better if you take along a best friend who can appreciate your candor and sharp wit!

Capricorn - An aura of mystery and intrigue surrounds you this month as you delve deep into your inner being. Understanding and healing past emotional or physical wounds is important to you and much progress can be made. A relaxing vacation or spiritual retreat can work wonders and even if you can't get away, you should create a peaceful environment at home. Taking care of your needs and honoring your personal space now will pay off in the long run.

Aquarius - Relationships are central to your well-being this month and you'll want to spend extra time with loved ones. Although it can sometimes be a challenge for you to be emotionally open, you will find it easier now to embrace the messier feelings you often avoid. Be gentle and sensitive to create understanding and harmony. Your overall energy improves greatly and you'll have renewed ideas around the workplace as well as at home.

Pisces - Your maturity and wisdom are strong this month and you'll be able to make good decisions. This is also a positive time to care for your health through a doctor visit, better eating and improved habits. Relationships are highlighted, but tend to challenge your sensitive emotions. Be aware that well-intentioned friends may give advice that feels more like criticism to you. Don't take anything too personally right now and just remember that any misunderstandings are temporary.


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