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Sacred Sexuality

Regular sex, according to medical research, has the same benefits as regular exercise. It increases the flow of certain chemicals that naturally boost and strengthen the immune system, improves cholesterol levels, stimulates circulation, invigorates the heart, diminishes the intensity of pain — especially in migraines and chronic arthritis — may reduce PMS symptoms, and releases endorphins, which simply make you feel good.

Even more, sex - and the deeper experience of embracing the idea of yourself as a sexual being, with sexual desires and needs - has been demonstrated to elevate serotonin, which elevates mood and therefore combats depression.

Issues of sexual identity are one of the most common subjects of discussion in counseling relationships, and psychological studies have shown that acceptance of sexual identity (not so much sexual preference but identity as a sexual being) leads to greater personal integration, a sense of personal empowerment, the diminishment of shame and guilt, and an increase in the ability to experience intimacy with another human.

Let’s face it…sex is central to who we are as humans. Without sex, you would not be here. Evolutionary scientists recognize the development of sexual pleasure as a physiological requirement for copulation and procreation. But humans have sex far more than child-bearing requires…and the reason is obvious - it feels good on every level.

Thousands of years ago, sexuality was celebrated as a clear and perfect channel for the divine. It was the most sacred act between humans. Temples, priests and priestesses were established to bless and purify the sexual union (many religion scholars believe sex was the first religious totem, or object).

The advent of patriarchal religion (primarily Judaism, Christianity and Islam) skewed the more ancient practices of sacred sexuality, and made sex a lower order of human activity, suitable for child-bearing only (confined to a “marriage” or divinely ordered relationship), condemning those who viewed sex otherwise as “sinners” - even to the point of killing those who were found to be having sex outside of the divinely ordered relationship.

The age of Pisces (and before that, Aries - from about 3,000 B.C. to currently), two primary universal energies impacted human development - duality, and law. Duality was expressed fundamentally in the separation of the human and Divine…i.e., God was holy, humans were sinners. This duality was reflected in all of human activity - us vs. them (war), me against you (jealousy, personal power), feminine vs. masculine (men are greater because they are bigger and stronger). Look at creation myths influenced by Aries/Pisces religions, and you will see that females are the instigators of sin. In fact, in many patriarchal cultures, women were not even viewed as humans, but as beings to be exploited sexually as child bearers and pleasure centers, and politically as owned property and slaves.

Law was used to control, from the top down. Patriarchal culture put a man at the top of the pyramid of power, and he became the law-maker, the one who would determine what was right and wrong. Right = God, Wrong = Human. If it felt good, was natural or primitive…it was condemned as lower nature, and made illegal (in religious and political culture).

Thus, in the Piscean age, sex became an evil necessity, and those who did not follow the prescribed rules of sexual behavior were condemned.

The ascension of the Age of Aquarius is leading to a restoration of the Divine Feminine, moving away from patriarchal authority and duality. As a result, new energies of collective consciousness, celebration of the human, and the sacred role of sexuality in human consciousness are once again having a powerful influence on the evolution of human consciousness.

Many old-school Piscean teachers, leaders, institutions and governments are still resisting the sacredness of sexuality, and making last ditch efforts to keep sexual experience confined and even illegal. Sex is still condemned (in their view) as immoral, or a necessary evil.

In the larger, ascending Aquarius culture…that is changing. Promiscuous activity is not on the rise (as is often charged by Piscean hold-outs, who want to control by guilting and shaming), but a more liberated and honored approach to sexual experience is on the rise. More and more people - especially Millennials and in eastern cultures - are recognizing that sexual identity and experience is sacred, collective and celebratory.

So, what makes sex sacred? Sex is the most physical intimacy we can have with another human being. It is rooted in the sacral chakra, which means it is also the closest dynamic we have to the original, primitive essence that we are created from. Sexual organs are the same organs (or are in proximity to) the organs we use for elimination of bodily wastes…which both connects sexuality with our most primitive and purest humanity, and elevates our most primitive function as physical bodies (elimination) to a near divine state.

The sexual union…however it occurs, with whoever it occurs, comes as close as any other human activity to divine transcendence. In the West, we have lost the practice of tantric intimacy (though tantric teachings about sexuality and intimacy are on the increase…see Ian Boccio’s article in “Age of Aquarius” section). Example: researchers at University of Lincoln/London and Royal Holloway/University of London, have studied why people in the West kiss and experience sexual intimacy with eyes closed rather than open (which happens in eastern cultures far more frequently). In the west, philosophically, over centuries, we have separated bodily function from the function of reason. We close our eyes (something programmed into us by our culture; watch kids kiss…they rarely close their eyes) when we kiss, and when we make love, so we can limit the amount of sensory perception coming into our brains, and therefore devote more reasoned attention to what we are doing. ( - “Psychologists Reveal Why We Kiss With Our Eyes Closed.”

In the east, there is not such a rigid separation between reason and action, and collective conscious action is valued far more than isolated independent action. Therefore, cultural programming has affirmed open-eyed kissing, and open-eyed love making (both of which are tantric practices).

Sexuality and spirituality are converging, as people discover that personal and collective consciousness can be raised as sexuality is experienced in the realm of “sacred space” (honorable and positive, rather than guilt-inducing and dishonorable). Sex is being understood as healing rather than harming, and personal connection is celebrated more frequently.

Sacred sexuality is a powerful force for healing and connection in the Age of Aquarius. May you experience the fullest expression of your humanity and sexuality as you grow into your higher consciousness.


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