• Crystal Starshine

Awakening The Goddess

Long before the patriarchal religions of today was a time where the Goddess was worshipped and sacred sexuality was normal. Today women are still quiet and even patronized for their sexual instincts. Why is it that women were shamed? I don’t know that we will ever know the full reasoning behind it but I have my ideas to why it was so taboo.

As a Priestess of the Red Tent one of my goals are to awaken the sexual Goddess that lies within us all, through knowing your body. It amazes me in my work just how many women have never even seen their own vagina! Many have never even touched themselves because of the deeply rooted guilt that was branded into our consciousness, that our bodies are not to be pleasured. This brings me to why so many women have self-esteem issues and body shame others. Every woman deserves to know her beauty, worth and how her vagina works. Every woman should look in the mirror every day and see how amazing her body is. It is a body that was created to be pleasured. It is a body that IS creation. The sacred womb is the only place where, through sacred sex, we can create new life. It is a miraculous little universe in its own right.

Let’s talk a little history for a moment. The sacred marriage was a ritual act of sacred sex in ancient Mesopotamia. Here the High Priestess of Inanna would couple with the king of the land in a public ceremony to bless the fertile renewal of the land and was performed as an act of creation. These rites and celebrations were so important to the people that they offered their most precious objects to the Goddess for return of their harvests. During the ritual the High Priestess would embody the Goddess Inanna herself.

As I imagine it was much like speaking with what we now associate with talking or seeing God. In the act of a sexual union women have out of body experiences and be more connected to their higher self all while creating a pathway to the divine. Many have communicated or channeled very important information during coitus and also at their time of menstruations.

It is my belief that man was jealous of the relationship and communication a woman could experience with the divine during her times of sacred sex and menstruations.

Hence, causing a total tear down of the rituals and woman in general. However, consciously we are swinging the pendulum back towards the connections to the Goddess. She is alive and well. Take a look at the Red Tent Temple Movement and where there are Red Tents throughout our world. Goddess Temples are growing in number as women begin to remember. We are waking up from our deep slumbers and breaking out of the matrix.

Sex is big business and rising with companies that sell instruments, books, movies to activate pleasure senses we have hidden. The sacred prostitute in modern times is still alive and well too and the well-known Mary is now being recognized for her work. Times are changing and it’s about time. The Goddess and sacred sex is here in Tantra, dance, music, nature and is even that rising kundalini serpent awakening your souls calling.

We experience great healing through sex, our bodies release up to five times the level of oxytocin in our brains, which leads to the release of endorphins, our natural pain-killing hormones. It can help heal the emotions of an argument, (make up sex) while releasing the tensions and reconnecting the spirits and souls of the individuals again. My grandfather once told me “sex is what makes the world go around”. I couldn’t agree with him more. So as we all sit and ponder what the words Sacred Sex means to us think about how you entered this world.

Blessed Be,

Crystal Starshine


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