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Stargazing - Horoscopes by Ariel Rose - Cancer

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The home fires are burning bright as the Sun journeys through nurturing, nostalgic Cancer. The 4th sign of the crab rules the origins of the soul, mother figures, home, family and childhood experiences. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and it's shifting phases have a strong influence over these folks. This Lunar ebb and flow is why they are moody yet consistent and sensitive yet resilient. Deeply creative and caring, they love to heal, comfort and soothe. A supportive home center is a top priority for the crab and they would be wise to create a haven for rest and security. If their childhood was negative or painful, it's very important for Cancer to form a surrogate family of close friends and allies. The crab has a long memory, so caring therapists or counselors are important for helping them work through difficulties of the past. Just as their opposite sign Capricorn derives a feeling of accomplishment and well-being from financial security - Cancer has the same desire for emotional security.

Cancer excels in the domestic sphere and will usually enjoy cooking, home decoration, gardening and other pursuits. They can also take their love of home to the heights of architecture and design to create their dream house. The crab tends to crave comfort and will keep a close handful of friends, rarely needing a large crowd or mass approval to be happy. They have a hard shell for the outside world, but a warm loving heart for those who have proved their loyalty and friendship through the years.

The month of July will feel more energetic and direct, as Mars has finally come out of retrograde motion. You'll notice that you have more drive and even feel impatient as we seek to make up for the lazy energy of the last few months. Likewise, the New Moon begins at 7:01am EST on Monday the 4th, to help give extra motivation to new projects and ideas.

Our Full Moon occurs on Tuesday 19th at 6:57pm EST in the sign of Capricorn. This is an ambitious Moon that will have us pondering our highest goals and purpose on Earth. Get out your journal and write down the ideas you would most like to manifest for the future.

Stay cool and enjoy your July!

Aries - Powerful emotions and spiritual sensitivity will be a strong theme this month as you connect with your inner consciousness. Home and family will be positive and deserve your time and loving energy. Communicate your feelings openly with your loved ones, while being sensitive to their needs. If you are inclined to therapy or counseling, it's a great time to dig deeper and discover your secret motivations and what life choices are best for your overall well-being.

Taurus - Your mind and thoughts are clearer this month and you can begin to sort out the confusion you may have experienced over the past few months. You'll be strongly driven towards comfort and nurturing situations. Enjoy your favorite foods and be with your closest friends to create a sense of stability and grounding. Relationships tend to be more passionate now, so guard against jealousy or arguments to cultivate a positive outcome.

Gemini - Money and resources are a central focus this month and you'll need to use your intuition to discern when to spend and when to save. It's not a bad time to indulge yourself a little, as long as your indulgences are healthy and create more joy. Think about what you value most in life and in your friendships. You may find that your most valuable possessions are not really material in nature and your highest goals are compassion and loving sacrifice for others.

Cancer - Happy Birthday Cancer! It's a powerhouse month for you, as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through your sign. You will be feeling extra talkative and full of ideas - be sure to write down your inspirations so they aren't forgotten amid all your activities. Your personality will be charming and attractive with potentials for adventure - both romantic and otherwise. This is a good time to study a new spiritual course of study or interest.

Leo - This is a month where sensitive emotions come to the surface and you review the ups and downs of the past. You may cry easier or get your feelings hurt by things that usually roll off your back. This can be the perfect time to give yourself a little retreat from the outside world and care for your gentle heart. However, you need not go it alone. If you have a special friend or loved one you can 'let it all hang out' around, bring them along for your ride down memory lane.

Virgo - This is an electric month that activates your idealism and revitalizes your world consciousness.

Your natural inclination to serve and help others, evolves into a larger vision of what you can accomplish. Encounters with intuitive and compassionate individuals can assist you in shaping your ideas. Home and family are undergoing changes, so expect more review in those areas. You are expanding your sense of identity and becoming who you are truly meant to be.

Libra - Career and work goals are highlighted this month and you'll have opportunities to shine in any area that engages you with the public. The Sun in Cancer is challenging for Libra, as it's nostalgic leanings seem to regress your natural desire to move ahead. However, this friction can also spur you into greater action and light a fire that is highly motivating. You may feel you need to be cautious with money, but don't get too worried. Seeking new projects or magnetic-type people can bring extra income.

Scorpio - Your gears and energy start moving forward as Mars is traveling ahead in your sign. Recent times have seen you struggling as you seek to strengthen your financial situation and clarify your personal values. This is important and necessary work, but has also come with a good deal of stress. This month could be perfect to take a break and get away for a much needed vacation. Taking time to relax and reconnect with your deep inner mysteries will recharge your mind and bring other elements of your life into clearer focus.

Sagittarius - This is a month of soul searching and deep explorations of your soul. You may be visited by mysterious or profoundly meaningful dreams and you should record your impressions for further revelations. You will also be extra seductive and magnetic to others, so use your powers to make positive connections and increase your personal awareness. Career is well-aspected and injecting some creative energy into your work will make it even more fulfilling.

Capricorn - Relationships and romance are on the hot list for July and everyone wants your number! Although you'll be in high demand, your inner desire is to deeply connect with your tried and true friends. You might even call up an old love or connection to see if some sparks still exist. Use your discerning nature to figure out if you should go there! Adventure or travel is also favored and a relaxing break will benefit your physical health. Work is steady and will be more productive if you can do your tasks in solitude and calm.

Aquarius - It's time to focus on your emotional and physical health, as the planetary influences are directing you to be more open with your friends and loved ones. Communication is vital and being honest and loving will be cathartic for you. Getting in touch with your 'warm and fuzzy' side is necessary and healing. Work will be energetic and strong, but be aware of potential power struggles or feeling you have to hurry up and wait for projects to get done. Be patient, this pattern will begin to shift towards the later part of the month.

Pisces - Creative energy and optimism are high for the month and even the more melancholy Pisces personalities will feel lifted up. Doing a fun project or artistic work is favored. If your pursuits involve playtime with pets or children it will increase your joy even more! This is a time when difficulties can be untangled, old arguments forgiven and love renewed or discovered. Even temporary setbacks are really blessings in disguise, so embrace gratitude and write down what you're thankful for.

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