• Kathleen Robinson

Legacy of the Divine Tarot - July 2016

QUEEN OF COINS: July will be a month of using your manifesting ability to bring into your life what you want by focusing on your intuition and third eye. Open this chakra so you can connect to your divine feminine and let the blessings flow. Recognize your power and be open to receiving what you have been working toward and what you deserve. This can be a month of rewards and material gifts by knowing that you have the strength and skill to achieve whatever you want. How you go about it is up to you, so just believe that you can do it.

THE MAGICIAN: If you still doubt that this could be a good month for you, the Magician is here to tell you even more strongly that if you set an intention for what you want to create, focus on it, believe you have the ability, carry out the action steps to bring it to you (without expecting a specific outcome), then you will be successful. This is very powerful creative energy that we all possess, except that for many of us we don’t believe that we are capable of accomplishing this. It is up to you to decide if you are tired of not having things work out, or if you feel like you are struggling and going nowhere. Now is the time to take definite steps towards changing your reality for the better.

DEATH: Some more major energy will be with us this month—that of huge transformation and change. We are not talking just about changes in your outer world (such as a new job, a change of residence, or other changes in our personal lives), but this also speaks to the transforming of our inner selves. Many more people are awakening to the truth of what our reality is all about, and they are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo. This is what serves as the impetus for making major personal transformations. So if you are feeling like things are all out of kilter, or that sometimes things don’t make sense, just know that these are all symptoms of the changes perhaps occurring on a spiritual level within you. Ride these feelings as if you were on top of a big wave, and see where it brings you. Replace fear of change by welcoming the excitement it brings, and get ready for wonderful things to happen.

ACE OF SWORDS: All of this creative ability and transformation will have you flying high as new ideas start coming to you, or as you start seeking out information that previously you may have had no interest in. You feel your brain and mind being stimulated and expanded like never before, and maybe even feel the flow of new mental energy coming into you. You will have a clearer understanding of illusions, using your sword to cut through fabricated confusion. Aces are new beginnings, and you are on the threshold of a new part of your life (as indicated also by the Death card). So rather than fighting all things that are different or unexpected, welcome them with open arms.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: We are in for quite a ride during July. Not only will we be infused with a motivation and urging to make our life circumstances better through our own actions, but we will be required to accept and gallantly move through the changes that are on the horizon. The end result of these transformative energies can be amazing if you will just allow them to come to you and then experience the excitement rather than worry about what the future brings. Key words for the month are creativity, manifestation, abundance, magic, transformation, new ideas, and steadfast belief in yourself.


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