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Transitioning to the Aquarian Age

There are many signs which indicate that we are currently transitioning from the energy of an old, worldwide paradigm to an unknown, future way of being that will redefine what it means to be human. This is something that happens on a regular, although very long, schedule, taking more than two thousand years for the prevailing energy of an age to fulfill it’s purpose. In astrological terms, humanity has been under the influence of Pisces for the past two millenia and is currently shifting to the energy of Aquarius. Such changes do not occur quickly, the energy vibration of an age transitions gradually, for the most part, and during those transitional periods things can be rather chaotic. Anyone who has been part of the established power structure in the previous, receding era will not want to accept that those structures are breaking down, that their power is dissolving. So, even though we may be progressing towards a more positive, more peaceful future, the present may seem more terrible than it has ever been. But be sure that the dawn will come and the darkness will not be able to stand against it.

One of the main expressions of the Piscean Age has been the conflict of EITHER/OR. The energy of the time has demanded that there can be only one interpretation of the truth that is correct, and that all others must, therefore, be false. This is the statement which we hear all too often, saying EITHER this is true, OR that is true, but both can not be true simultaneously. EITHER science is true, OR religion is true. EITHER Capitalism works, OR Socialism works. EITHER guns are the problem, OR mental illness is the problem. So many polarized concepts, with little or no compromise between them. The either/or paradigm almost always results in conflict, which is often resolved by violent means, allowing those on one side of the argument to claim the victory of their viewpoint, at least until the next challenger comes along. Those who are deeply entrenched in this way of thinking will not easily release it, their identity and security is wrapped up in the belief that their perspective is the only truth in existence. As the Piscean Age dissolves, many of these people will have a great deal of difficulty accepting these changes, and they will fight tooth and nail against them.

The energetic expression of the future Aquarian Age is the harmony of AND, in which truth is subjective, based on the individual’s perspective and experience, so reality becomes a more fluid concept. In this time, both science AND religion are true, both Capitalism AND Socialism work, both guns AND mental illness are the problem, etc. Life in the Aquarian Age becomes a matter of collaboration between different perspectives combining together to create a unified whole. In this energy system, it is not possible to deny another person’s reality, their way of being is equally valid to anyone else’s, and therefore the true nature of all sentient beings is equally important. Conflict becomes far less successful than cooperative growth. The manner of thinking that resulted in nuclear bombs, traffic jams, industrial farming, the results of ourt destructive behaviors will no longer make sense. Understanding the planet Earth as a single, living, organism, composed of a multipicity of conscious elements will become the simplest way to exist. If one looks closely, the signs of this emerging paradigm are all around us. New ways of thinking and the resurgence of ancient, pre-Piscean knowledge are appearing with greater frequency as we move forward. The astrological progression is inevitable, and that which will not adapt to the changes will fall away under the relentless cosmic tide.

What we need to understand, right here, right now, is that while the movement of the stars is set, whether we, humanity, will continue to travel with them is not. The fear and hate of the Piscean mind is as dangerous as it has ever been, and the future of our species is by no means certain. We must work compassionately to bring all humans into the light of the new Earth, each in their own beautiful, individual way.

Ian Boccio is a member of Blue Spirit Wheel, one of the leading kirtan bands in the nation. He is also a founding member of the board of Chantlanta, a kirtan and sacred music and arts festival held every year in Atlanta. He is a part of the vision team at Aquarius, and teaches weekly classes in mantra, yoga and other forms of devotional practice.

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