• Kathleen Robinsoin

Legacy of the Divine Tarot - June 2016

6 OF COINS: Practicing generosity and having compassion for others are positive actions we can take that will help us feel better in these discordant times. There is a balance of giving and receiving that is important and becomes more so now. We are not only talking about monetary or material gifts, but also the feelings associated with giving of ourselves—whether it is a random act of kindness, giving someone a sincere compliment, or just saying hello to someone who passes by. Also, the idea of balance is embodied in this card—is your life balanced in a healthy way? Are you drawing on both your masculine and feminine sides? Are you using both your left and right brain hemispheres so you come to decisions that are right for you? Are you staying in a positive frame of mind and being grateful for the good things in the world, rather than focusing on what is wrong and how bad things seem to be? You have the power to get yourself balanced, and the rewards can be amazing.

THE LOVERS: This card can represent not only love, friendship, relationships, or a partnership, but also choice, discernment, and (once again) balance. The energy and changes in the air now are requiring many of us to make choices about a variety of things—deciding if we are truly happy and if not, what to do about it; realizing that dissatisfaction is a good thing because it makes us move out of the status quo; and understanding that the decisions we are making can be life-transforming. That is why use of discernment and careful consideration are key. The idea of self-love is also important, because many of us have been brought up to see this as being selfish. We can alter our feelings about ourselves for the better simply by looking in the mirror and saying to ourselves “I love you” every single day or doing something just for ourselves. Lack of self-love appears to be prevalent in our society, but asking yourself if you practice self-love can bring awareness to this part of your life.

QUEEN OF SWORDS: Some qualities this Queen possesses are being straightforward, independent, fair, analytical, and perceptive; yet also compassionate, quick, and gracious. The truth is very important to her, and she can see through lies easily. The current political state of our world is fraught with lies and disinformation. Rather than getting upset and frustrated with this situation, we can learn to be more like this Queen, who sees the truth yet is able to understand and perceive what is really going on (i.e., things are being played out now that have been occurring for many, many years). She is compassionate and fair-minded, realizing that the truth cannot be hidden for long. Truth will prevail.

10 OF SWORDS: We all have times in our lives when we think that our current situation is as bad as it gets. We do eventually move through the pain, knowing that there is an end in sight. This card could be a depiction of the state of our world right now—we wonder how things can get any worse. But 10—the number of completion—tells us that a fresh start is possible. So rather than feeling miserable and struggling against what is happening, just surrender to what will be and keep sending unconditional love to all those who are responsible for the sad state of the world. Just know that things will get better—this is the Age of Aquarius after all!

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: The themes for June are balance, generosity, self-love, making wise choices, seeing the truth, and believing that we are at the end of one cycle of challenges and are in the process of moving into a better place. Practice kindness to others and yourself, look critically at your current situation to make wise choices about your future, see the truth without getting discouraged, and have faith that things can and indeed will change. Keep a positive mindset as we all wait for this cycle to end, for a new age is dawning.


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