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Stargazing - Horoscopes by Ariel Rose - Gemini

Welcome fellow Stargazers!

The month of June unfolds with the Sun traveling in talkative and entertaining Gemini. The sign of the Twins is known for their 'gift of the gab' and rule the elements of communication, mental functions and the intellect. Their famous duality creates an individual that can change gears at lightning speed to the point of seeming to have two or more personalities. Gemini gets bored quickly and believes variety is the spice of life! For signs who need more stability or consistency, Gemini can be endlessly frustrating. However, if you are in need of a friend who can lighten the mood and get you out of the house, they can be a wonderful partner to have.

Gemini can often embody a 'Trickster' type spirit who is ready to play games or pranks, often with the goal of making you laugh or breaking up the routine. Their changeable nature means they can fully believe in something one moment, but drop the whole idea if new information or something more interesting comes along. They don't mean to be insensitive, as they are here to experience life moment-to-moment and not get stuck going around the same hamster wheel forever. Gemini natives make amazing actors and writers, as they can bring their gifts of eloquence and adaptability to these fields.

Notable planetary shifts this month include Neptune (ruler of Pisces) moving Retrograde on Monday 13th for a 5-month stay. During this time we put our idealistic hopes and dreams into review and make sure they are practical as well as inspiring. It's also a good period to reflect on your spiritual goals and how you would like to grow creatively.

Mars, our planet of drive and raw energy finally moves Direct after over 2 months of Retrograde movement. If you've felt lethargic or lacking in motivation, this will certainly help start the engines back up! Projects that weren't going anywhere will increase in activity and you'll feel able to handle challenges more easily. Aries, Scorpio and Sagittarius will be especially impacted by the Martian shift.

Our Full Moon of the month occurs on Summer Solstice, Monday 18th at 7:02am in the sign of Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn is serious, ambitious and suffers from a touch of melancholy. It's a time when you may reflect on big goals (mostly relating to career) and what you want to accomplish. Avoid judging yourself too harshly, because this Moon can also bring to light any feelings of inadequacy you harbor. Release any negative images you may have and commit to seeing yourself in the strong role of a resilient survivor who can climb the next mountain!

Have a wonderful June and be well.

Aries - You are still experiencing a holding pattern, as Mars continues it's Retrograde motion this month. Take it easy and don't push the river, as the energy of your ruling planet isn't immediately available to your projects. You will be in review about money and resources, so it's a positive time to balance finance and make sure those elements are solid. Areas of healing your psyche and mental health are also favored if you are doing work towards that goal.

Taurus - Communication is a key focus for you this month and you will feel more driven to say what is on your mind, even if it means causing an argument! This can be healthy if you've been repressing your thoughts for the sake of keeping an uneasy peace. You may also feel the pressure to balance your own finances as well as those of a friend or partner. Try to put off any major joint decisions until next month, when Mars energy will be straight ahead.

Gemini - Happy Birthday Gemini! The Sun is bright in your sign this month and has an extra dose of charm and magnetism from Venus as well. You will definitely want to be social with your friends and may even make some new ones. Be aware that there is some pressure to get real work done in your relationships and you'll gain deeper emotional rewards if you're willing to confront difficult feelings or issues with your partner.

Creative energies are on their way into your life, so be open to self-expression.

Cancer - This is a sensitive, spiritual month for the crab and you should aim to make your home extra gentle and comforting now. A recurring health issue could pop up again, so be nurturing to your body and get any treatments or therapies you need. Overall, this is a phase of greater introversion and a retreat from the outside world as you seek to review and clear anything negative that has taken place over the last 10-12 months. Meditate, pray and get as much sleep as you can!

Leo - Your higher consciousness and wide-reaching ideals are activated this month and you won't be content to sit on the sidelines. Get out there and be with your circle of friends or big groups of people so you can pick up on the vibrations of the public interest. Be aware that pushing your opinions or agenda too hard could result in arguments or hurt feelings right now. Aim to see both sides of an issue before coming on too strong. This is especially true on the job where you'll feel more independent and want to rebel against authority.

Virgo - Despite pressures or deadlines at work, you will still manage to get everything done to satisfaction and come out at the top of your game. Push and pull exists between work and home life and you'll need to make time for each, as letting either one drop can result in a negative outcome. Communications are solid for you and if you express yourself thoughtfully and honestly, this will go a long way to mend fences and reinforce emotional connections.

Libra - A sense of adventure seizes you this month and you will feel the itch to travel and explore. Don't be surprised if practical matters compete and challenge you to stay put when you really want to break free. If you aim to travel on a budget you should do fine. Your spiritual life has a good chance of gaining in stability and giving you more emotional resources to cope with any difficulties in your life. Developing a routine for daily spiritual practice is favored now.

Scorpio - Mars moving Retrograde through your sign this month will push you to re-discover yourself and how you shape your identity and personal drive. You will be asking many questions of the Universe on what you can do to have greater fulfillment and understanding of your life's purpose. Don't isolate yourself now, communicate with friends, family, loved ones and counselors to help get a better perspective. Finances are strong, but you'll feel that the only way to get ahead is by old-fashioned steady work.

Sagittarius - Your energy this month is under some pressure and you may need to take frequent breaks to rest and re-energize. Communication is strong and you'll be focused on how you can organize your life in relation to work and money. If you've needed to balance your finances and get more in synch with your partners and loved ones, this is the perfect time. Take good care of your neck and throat with a relaxing massage or soothing soups and herbal tea.

Capricorn - A focus on physical health and routines suits you well this month. This is a good time for a cleanse or other type of purification to help your body be at it's best. Sharing ideas with friends about how to live a healthier life is favored and can help motivate you to go further in implementing a new exercise program or holistic work. Your creative inspiration is fiery and powerful. Start assembling your artistic ideas now so you'll be ready to take action in the near future.

Aquarius - Although you generally want to be in large crowds where the action is happening, this month it's possible you'll desire a break and the comforts of home. Some relaxation can prove extremely beneficial and some of your best inspirations and breakthroughs are more possible in a peaceful environment. 'A relaxed mind is a creative mind' is a good mantra for you now. Rest, regroup and record your plans and goals for creating a better world - you'll be ready to take action soon.

Pisces - The frenetic energy of Pisces is often at odds with your sensitive, dreamy nature. During this month its wise to take your greatest comfort in your close friends and loved ones. If you find yourself at odds with someone you care about, be patient and reassuring. Your mind is focused on creating stability and removing old obstacles to your personal growth. Don't give up cultivating contentment as each day brings you closer to harmony and peace.

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