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Still Point

Anyone up for a game of Chutes and Ladders? Allow me to jump right in here and explain that what I am talking about is our relationship with our Souls, as it lives within our energetic bodies.

Did you know you are not your body? However, your body is you. What I mean is you are Light, Divine God Source Incarnate, but your body is a reflection of a genetic code that is being delivered through your thoughts and emotions with electromagnetic currency.

Most of us are playing at an emotional level of a child or early adolescence IF we are living within the collective, unconsciously.

Chutes and Ladders is a game of climbing upward into awakening but falling backward into unconscious behaviors such as judgement, guilt and fear. Children and adolescents say Oh well, I’m just human. Conscious adults find their Still Point and take responsibility (without judgement) for their thoughts, actions, and deeds. Our souls are collective as well. Bound energetically with other souls on our planet, we are here to come together and heal, both within our collective and our individual consciousness. This is as simple as a great remembering and as complex as the unwinding of string that has been used, abused and abandoned.

You are light and love. You are perfect. I Am in you and you are within me. And your complexities are mine! Your need to Feel your Truth is mine and your wanting to be loved beyond your behaviors is also mine. Our Still Point for June is Rest. You are not alone in your need. You are seen. You and I are intertwined by light and love. Stay conscious through these remaining shifts and let go of guilt. Hold your process and allow more information into your conscience.

The relationship you are cultivating is a brilliant legacy of golden truth. A completion of a saga played out many times over many lives. You are never just one thing. You and I are multi-dimensional beings creating a world and a planet together!! Namaste brother, sister, lover and friend!! Namaste.

I Am Phoenix Lea

A Clear and Perfect Channel

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