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Age of Aquarius - Spiritual Revolution

There is a spiritual revolution taking place in our nation, and across the planet. Over the past few years, spiritual issues have become front and center in most, if not all, cultural and societal conversations.

We may not be aware of this revolution, because it is happening with language and practice that is very different and unfamiliar - especially here in the United States. Words like “yoga”, “consciousness”, “mindfulness”, “energy”, “meditation” and “kirtan” are filtering into the language of spirituality in the West…and the West does not quite know what to do with them.

They are words that find their root meanings in other cultures, primarily in the East. They originate in Eastern philosophy, history and experience - not the Christianity-dominated philosophy and history of the West.

And yet, these words represent a spiritual movement that is perhaps the most immersive and transformative in human history. It is a movement that is reaching across cultures, across philosophies and national identities - and it is bringing about societal transformation that in some cases is earth-shaking.

This spiritual revolution is the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Humanity - at this point in history - is seeing a shift from one type of consciousness to another. The duality that has been at the core of philosophy, religion, politics and human relationships the past 2500 years is shifting into a different modality, one of unity and convergence. We are leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius. And everything is changing.

One of the most amazing aspects of this spiritual revolution is the way several different thought streams and spiritual concepts are CONVERGING. We are living in a time of intense convergence.

Humans are recognizing that spiritual paths share more than they differ. For example, “meditation” and “prayer” are recognized as having the same basic meaning - though historically they have been viewed as very different. “Kirtan” and “hymn-singing” are the same basic activity, just using different words and forms to accomplish the same purpose.

At the heart of spiritual revolution is the experience of Love that brings about the end of suffering and division among humans.

The Age of Aquarius is understood to be a time when human consciousness evolves into a new paradigm. We see this happening across the planet, as East and West converge socially, politically and spiritually. People movements across the globe have occurred as spiritual values of unity, consciousness, mindfulness, and human respect (namaste) are being increasingly shared.

The Age of Pisces, which was primarily about Authority and Power, is not letting go of its hold on the consciousness of humans easily. Religious extremism, political extremism, social prejudice and economic power are Piscean tools of war that are still being waged to keep humans divided and afraid of one another…and therefore more likely to surrender their personal power to government leaders.

In fact, FEAR (otherwise known as TERROR) is the primary weapon being used by the controlling Piscean leaders to stop the advent of Aquarius principles. Its not the first time in history that has happened. Jesus, one of the first Aquarius teachers, was crucified by a cabal of religious and political leaders. Look closely, and you will see the same thing happening today.

But the spiritual revolution that is happening cannot be stopped. We are entering the Age of Aquarius - it is a galactic reality that transcends anything that is attempted to stop it.

This issue of Aquarius focuses on “the Bhav.” It is another one of those new words that has universal and ancient meaning. It simply means - well, you should read about what it means in articles by Stan Holt and Pat Green.

Bhav is the energy that fuels the spiritual revolution that we are experiencing. It is love, joy, purity and unity. It is peace. It is energy that transforms. It is Becoming.

We are so very fortunate to be living in a time when we see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Let’s do all that we can to share in the Bhav…and to invite others to share in it. It is, truly, the healing of the nations and the ascension of the human race.


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