• Stan Holt

Bhakti: Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning? Chakra clearing! This is about more than simple chakra alignment and the usual “clearing”. This is about deep thoroughness.

Let’s start with energy awareness and management. Are you aware of your own chakras? Are you aware of the optimum size that your chakras should be? Do you know how much stuff/ clutter you may be carrying around in there?

And for your own sake, have you cleared out all the “teachers” and detrimental influences from your chakras? These teachers… people we learned from in our childhood… are often our greatest source of trouble and repeating patterns of living that just don’t work, they keep us stuck, we repeat behaviors and thought processes.

If we use the third chakra as an example, we can see how important it is to clean house, clear the slate, and have a better existence in life….

The third chakra is where “I give myself the right to know myself Authentically.” Yet as a child growing up, we draw our conclusions/ beliefs/thoughts about ourselves, life, and other people around us FROM our parents, immediate family and other close influences.

Being aware of exactly what those thoughts/ beliefs are goes a long way with introducing new thought and ways of existing in the world. AND the truest self empowerment comes from claiming responsibility for being the student.

I am the one who was the student. I was the one who came to those conclusions, I empower myself as the one who can see the falsehood, therefore I begin to know myself Authentically. I begin to see and understand my TRUE NATURE.

BUT, if the energetic signature of those teachers are not cleared out, often times those influence still come right back.

All of them need to cleaned and cleared out from root chakra to crown. We can begin to BE (at the root chakra) our true selves, we can FEEL (at the 2nd chakra) the emotions in their purity – this is to feel them separate from the story, and feel our emotions in their fullness. With practice and developing greater awareness, we can also really begin to tell what are “my” emotions, vs emotional clutter that we may unknowingly be carrying from someone else.

We can remember and learn to LOVE (at the 4th chakra) and be loved Authentically rather than conditionally or according to constrictions of stories & conclusions.

Can you see how this goes, and how important it is? A real cleaning needs to happen for the freedom of the Love that is your own Soul. It is YOUR true essence. Love is who you are my friends. Claim it.

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