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  • Don Martin

The Age of Aquarius - The End of Duality

What exactly is “The Age of Aquarius”?

In astrological terms, the age of Aquarius is when the sun’s position at the time of the vernal equinox (March) moves in front of the constellation of Aquarius. That position heralds a time of new energies, new influences and new developments in the evolution of human consciousness.

An astrological age lasts 2,150 years (more or less). There are not any boundaries that delineate the exact time of an astrological age; an age dawns slowly, over decades. The influences and energies that impact human consciousness and development happen generationally - but if we observe over a long period of time, we will discern the changes that are guiding our evolution.

As a species, we are transitioning from the previous astrological age, the Age of Pisces. This age, along with the prior age of Aries, was a time in which the evolution of human consciousness was guided by the very human needs of mastering the environment, surviving in a hostile and predatory world, and creating cultural and social systems that could sustain human survival. The age of Aries (3000 BC to 500 BC) was a time of law giving and establishing strong hierarchical structures that could utilize power to dominate the environment. Because males possessed greater size, strength and physical power, the age of Aries allowed for the creation of male-dominated hierarchical structures that could establish dominance through the use of force, power, and law. As a result, humans moved from caves to villages, tribes, towns, cities, nations…and civilization was born.

The Age of Pisces was characterized by emergence of a thought system that supported the structures created in the age of Aries. The sign of Pisces is two fish, representing a yin and yang…that is, a dual nature.

Duality was the thought system that emerged during the Piscean age. At its core was the notion that God and humanity are separated. Everything was viewed through the lens of duality - there was good and bad, right and wrong, us and them.

Built on the structures of the age of Aries, this system of duality created walls of separation and division. Necessary for the formation of identity and sustainability, it nevertheless led to viewing the “Other” (that which is not me or mine) as separate, different, and in most cases, wrong. Because humanity was viewed as separate from God, and God must be good, then humanity was viewed as sinful/broken/wrong.

No longer needing to dominate and survive within a hostile natural world (because of the advent of civilization) humanity now sought to dominate other societies. Thus, the age of Pisces became an age of war, violence, power through strength, and morality based on fear and guilt rather than love and enlightenment.

With some important exceptions, everything around us is built on the foundation of Aries structures and the Piscean philosophy of duality. We have all been programmed to see “us” and “them”, God “out there”, power through strength (and violence if need be), and domination rather than cooperation.

The sign of Aquarius is water being poured out. This symbolizes a shift in consciousness energy that will bring about huge changes in human evolution. Water symbolizes flow, and life, and convergence. Water is a feminine rather than masculine energy.

At the heart of Aquarius is the end of duality. Water symbolizes convergence, blending, flow. The God/human, us/them, power/force paradigms of the Age of Pisces are being replaced by an emerging experience of and understanding of unity, oneness, and collective consciousness.

No more is God understood as “out there (or up there).” God is here, now, within every human and every moment. Humanity and God are one; there is no distinction. Every human is sacred, divine. All humans share this amazing divine nature, and therefore are essentially one. There is no “us” and “them.” We are One.

As a result of this essential unity (and the end of duality) a new age of love, cooperation, collective empowerment and enlightenment is coming - and indeed, has already begun. It is transforming everything - individual life, families, government, business, technology, economics, religion.

This is what the Age of Aquarius means. It is happening NOW, and we really are entering a New Age!


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