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Welcome Fellow Stargazers!

The month of April begins with the dynamic burst of fresh life that Aries the ram brings to us. This is the start of the Astrological New Year, as the Sun shifts from dreamy, spiritual Pisces into the Cardinal fire of Aries. Action, impulse, spontaneity and aggressive drive rule the day and it's not surprising to see people leap before they look and make some huge errors of judgement because they didn't think before acting.

Aries can always be counted on to get projects started and create a fire to motivate others. However, they can be lacking in persistence and do their best work with a team who can keep the momentum going to the end. Aries loves to be 'first in line' and will generally look out for themselves before others. They have to cultivate empathy and sensitivity in their relationships to avoid alienating others with their selfish tendencies. On the other hand, the ram also has great lessons to teach us about healthy self-love. If you've been giving more than you receive to your own detriment, conjure up a little Aries fire to remind yourself and others that you need to come first sometimes!

Our month ahead features a New Moon cycle in the sign of Aries on Thursday the 7th, which gets us off to a lively, ambitious start. This is a good time to initiate projects and any area you want to inject some new life into. Watch out on Sunday 17th, as Mars (the ruler of Aries and forward direct energy) goes into a long Retrograde that will last until June 29th. Mars in Retrograde motion behaves more like Venus and you will notice people becoming more passive and polite. The negative side is that it can often lead to passive aggression and a lack of focus, physical energy or the ability to stand up for yourself. Mars will be Retrograde in the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio, so reviewing travel plans, personal growth and goals for the future will all come into play.

Mercury Retrograde will also be hitting us late this month on Thursday 28th. Mercury will be moving through Taurus - so please watch your dollars, double check withdrawals and deposits and of course, do not make huge irrevocable purchases or decisions. Mercury Retrograde ends on Sunday, May 22nd.

Our Full Moon occurs on Friday 22nd, which coincides with Earth Day and will be in the deep sign of Scorpio. This is an intense, emotional moon which can heal and transform us on many levels. As we contemplate Earth Day, lets take some time to do what we can to heal and nurture our beloved planet, who gives us so much to be grateful for. Enjoy being outdoors to reconnect and ground yourself.

Be well and prosper during the month of April!

Aries - Happy Birthday Aries! Your personal energy will be bright, electric and moving at the speed of light. Communications are flowing easily and you won't mince words about what you want and feel. You will also be extra appealing to friends and love interests, so being out and about is favored. Your star is shining so bright, it could arouse jealousy or power struggles from others, especially at work. Hang in there and don't let them get you down!

Taurus - This could be an emotional and sensitive month as you process, work through and put to rest any negativity that has built up over the last 11 months. Make sure you take time for yourself to relax and regenerate. If you have the option to work from home or alone, you will feel much better and accomplish more. Remember that you are clearing all the decks for your upcoming Solar Return when your personal energy will renew.

Gemini - It's time to work your people skills and connect with large groups. You'll need to use a bit of professional diplomacy with friends and loved ones to avoid frustrating arguments or being at cross purposes. If you can channel your spirit into some charitable or humanitarian efforts, you can definitely go far. Get all your ducks in a row now so you'll experience less frustration when Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th.

Cancer - Career and public image will be highlighted this month and people will be paying attention to you. This is mostly a positive thing, but the challenging energy that Aries throws your way could leave you feeling stressed and pushed before you're ready to jump forward. Work to go with the flow if possible because you could soar to greater heights by moving past your comfort zone. Travel or a short trip could provide some needed relaxation and quite time.

Leo - The fire of dynamic Aries suits you well Leo and all systems are basically 'go'! You'll be up for adventures and travel, either alone or with a group. Time to pursue your own dreams and ideals will be important to you and you can make some great personal discoveries about yourself. If you are currently working on a creative project, you'll have extra drive and motivation to complete it to perfection. Review your finances so you'll be clear before the end of the month.

Virgo - Transformations and healing are highly possible this month - both physically and emotionally. Deep feelings and sensations rise to the surface. If they are painful, it's the sign that something needs change and nurturing. Protect your head if you are biking or doing any physical exercise and likewise shield your mind from too much negative thought or excessive worry. A trusted counselor or friend who you can totally be yourself around is a great benefit now.

Libra - It's rock n' roll time in your house of romance! You will be extra flirty, charismatic and charming. An electric relationship could heat up super fast now, but be careful! If you move too quick, it could fizzle out just as fast and leave you a little burnt. If love comes your way, take it smooth and easy to weigh it's long-term potential. Mentally, you want to accomplish something serious and meaningful. Try writing down your ideas with crystal clear truth.

Scorpio - Personal health, habits and routines are at the heart of your month, Scorpio. It's a great time to get needed physical check-ups and attend to diet, exercise and the routines that keep you feeling your best. If you're under too much stress, make it a point to change or alter the causes. Having some counseling, being relaxed in nature or doing a creative project just for fun are all very healing. You're feeling a little adventurous in your finances, but avoid taking any major risks at this time. Be at harmony with stillness and take time to 'do nothing'!

Sagittarius - You've been through some tough times recently, dear Sag and I know it hasn't been easy! However, this month has you feeling lighter and more optimistic than you have in awhile. Your physical energy can improve greatly now and give you the 'oomph' you need to tackle the obstacles that have been dogging you. The arts could be calling your name whether you are in a creative field or not. Take in some concerts, see good movies or theater, make something with your hands. Remember having fun? Do some of that now!

Capricorn - The impulsive nature of Aries generally flies in the face of the typical practical Goat. It's hard to keep those hooves on the solid ground, while those rams rush about! You will likely feel some pressure in the realm of home and family. If you can't quite harmonize with your loved ones, it's a good time for getting out of the house and doing your own thing! Another cure is to revitalize your home environment with a little updating or a whole new makeover to give yourself the comfort and stability you thrive on.

Aquarius - Your thoughts are moving faster than you can articulate them right now, but that won't keep you from trying! Your mind is super energized and you won't want to hold back on promoting the truth and your universal ideals. Put some of that revolutionary zest to good use and join a cause, help those in need or reach out to a new community of charitable advocates. If you have lately felt stagnant or out of the loop, this month will help re-energize you!

Pisces - This month holds plenty of fire and aggression due to the influence of Aries. This can sometimes be great for you in getting motivated and energized. It can also be a little exhausting because all that fire can dry up your water! Do take some restful breaks in between the action and time to physically swim or soak in a sea salt bath are likewise recommended. Watch your money matters and don't spend too impulsively - make sure to only buy what is worthwhile and lasting.

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