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True Love in the Chinese Magi Astrology: All Roads Lead to Chiron

A Fascinating and Little Known Approach for Finding the Soul Mate and Determining if Love Will Last

Not much is known about this extraordinary system by Western Astrologers primarily because the Magi Society, which originated in China in 1625 with a small group of Shao Link monks, was originally begun as a secret society. It was only in the mid 1990’s that the Society came onto the radar with the publication of the first of its three seminal books. Now individuals have the opportunity to receive the Magi software when they join the Society, making the system more accessible. Members may participate in a rigorous certification program if they wish, and new research is being posted regularly on the web at

The benchmark of Magi Astrology is their effort to discover statistically provable theories of astrology within their respective system. According to the Society, many of their techniques have held up, after rigorous scrutiny of 10,000 charts, and in some cases, more than 100,000 charts.

The Magis have created an extremely compelling astrological system which has produced some rather breath-taking results in both the arenas of love and finance worthy of Western Astrologer’s consideration. In this article, we focus very specifically on two techniques that point to the soul mate connection, as well as demonstrating the proclivity for marriage (or commitment) and the means of determining whether that marriage will be lasting and successful.

Chiron: The Re-Invention Tour

In Magi Astrology, Chiron has been re-invented and given a massive promotion in status from Wounded Healer to Rock Star. All roads lead to Chiron in love (and also, by the way, in financial success).

In every instance, Chiron is the key for unlocking the door to love’s mysteries and the arrow that points to your soul mate.

As an explanation why Chiron has been re-framed as a virtual Love God, there is the documentary evidence of 100,000 chart examples statistically researched, and indeed, the Magi site is a virtual shrine to celebrity marriages signed, sealed and delivered by the compassionate centaur.

While there are some congruencies with Western Astrology, due to the Magi belief in the unreliability of birth times, there is no emphasis in this elegant and innovative system on the ascendant, sign or house systems. The entire system is based on a four dimensional model using the horizontal and vertical planes of both the Geo (our default earth centered natal chart) and Helio-centric (the sun centered chart that shows our bare bones essence according to Western astrology) charts.

With Chiron at the epicenter of the Magi universe, Magi astrology forms an elaborate system based on beneficial linkages and enhancements, two of which – the Romantic Super Linkage or RSL and the Cinderella Linkage – will be key ingredients in our recipe for love.

The Love and Astrology series will continue in the next issues of The Aquarius Magazine.

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