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The Age of Aquarius

What does it mean to be living in “the Age of Aquarius”?

Besides the obvious astrological meaning, it means that we are living in a time of an incredible global shift of consciousness. As we enter the new energies of the Aquarian age, those new energies are effecting and shifting the way people think, feel and perceive.

One of the biggest shifts is in the area of religion. For at least two thousand years, Christian religion and political power have dominated the West. Religion controlled the formation of doctrines, families, communities and nations. It drove economy, and created social classes. While on the one hand espousing doctrine about justice, it also promulgated injustice around the globe as it spread its influence.

In the past 50 years, we have witnessed the devolution of religion, and the rise of spirituality. Church membership has declined, and the fastest growing demographic in our nation is the “nones” - i.e., people who are leaving religious organizations (churches) and are identifying as “non-religious, but spiritual.”

These “nones” are very open to a new type of spirituality - one that embraces science, and welcomes skepticism. It does not build walls between belief systems, but instead welcomes different beliefs as representative of a wider, higher truth. A typical scenario for this type of spirituality may look like this: daily meditation, yoga three times a week, consulting tarot cards, reading the bible, serving at a homeless shelter, and singing kirtan.

I call this “convergence spirituality.” It is when several different streams of belief and thought come together to expand our spiritual vision, understanding and experience. It does not establish rigid doctrines, but encourages self-discovery into new areas of thought and experience.

What it signals is one of the most important shifts from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age…and that is the end of duality, and the emergence of unity - i.e., Oneness.

At the heart of Oneness is the recognition that not only am I a part of the Divine Mystery, but I am Divine! And so are you! There is no “who” out there, separate and distinct from Creation. Instead, we are all gods, we all are participants in the creation event that is our universe.

This thought has the potential to radically transform human existence. As we grow in our understanding of our own sacredness, the sacredness of others, and our essential unity with every other living thing and the Collective Consciousness of the Universe….we will change. We will expand into greater potential as humans, we will value one another more highly, and we will seek the healing of the planet. And, to quote one of the first Aquarians (Jesus, the Avatar of Christ Consciousness) - “seek, and you shall find.” When we, as collective human society, begin to seek the healing of planet…it will happen!!!

Recently, I have been participating in the practice of kirtan - which is the devotional (bhakti) aspect of yoga. In kirtan, various mantras are sung or chanted. It was odd to be reciting the names of Hindu deities…until I awoke to the reality that these “deities” are just metaphors for ME! They are aspects of my higher consciousness, and as I focus on them devotionally, my energy changes, my vibration increases…I become the embodiment of these aspects of higher consciousness…and I am TRANSFORMED.

This issue of Aquarius is devoted to examining the shift from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, and specifically how this is manifesting itself in real-time as the shift from religion to spirituality. It is an exciting time to be alive, to be awake, and to be living this incredible shift. I believe…as so many do…that we are living in an historic and important time. I am committed to living into this amazing reality as fully as I can…and I invite you to join me.



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