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Community Spotlight - Sacred Mother Healing Center

In 2013, Dr. Georgia Herrera returned from a long trip across South America and quietly began to prepare to follow a calling she felt stirring in her heart. She would create a new business unlike any she had ever known.

Previously, Dr. Georgia lived in Decatur, GA where she ran a successful chiropractic practice. She enjoyed helping others deal with pain and life-blocking issues, but she felt repressed by the narrow confines of the standard chiropractic boundaries she felt expected to follow.

Dr. Georgia’s story is one of healing. Through meditation, transcendent focus and spiritual care, she brought wholeness to her life and healed herself of past physical and emotional trauma.

Her journey led her around the world, where she encountered many spiritual teachers and practices and grew in her ability to help others through the study of chiropractic medicine and meditation.

Dr. Georgia moved to Roswell, GA with nothing more than a knowing in her spiritual center that she was meant to be there. She had no idea how she would make it happen. All she knew for sure was her overwhelming drive to serve.

On Roswell’s historic Canton Street, Dr. Georgia noticed a cottage that had been converted into a commercial space. She sensed this was the place she had envisioned.

In her soul, something big was stirring. She had felt for quite some time that her vision was bigger than her reach…and that she was now being called to make her vision come to pass.

Everything began to come together synchronistically. People and opportunities showed up (seemingly out of nowhere) to create this place of healing.

The front porch, the labyrinth, the landscaping, décor, and even to the online booking system fell into place. Today, Sacred Mother Healing Center even has its own app.

Dr. Georgia Herrera is an amazing and complicated woman. She is trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic, yet has spent years in intensive monastic study of Christian mysticism, Shamanism, and intuitive energy healing. She is a life coach, a healer, a businesswoman, and a visionary.

Dr. Georgia’s mission is “to create a place for people to feel more motivated in life and to feel excited to love themselves and others.”

Sacred Mother Healing Center provides the space and the tools to experience “extreme success” - from relationships to career to physical and spiritual health. Dr. Georgia inspires people to be “excited about life” and experiencing “conscious love.”

Dr. Georgia loves Roswell and feels that it’s the place she is meant to be.

Sacred Mother Healing Center has become a community center where people wander in to view the beautiful handmade merchandise, soak in the healing energies, and perhaps experience a healing encounter.

Dr. Georgia’s practice is unconventional in that her practice seeks to address the deepest needs of her clients -- reaching through the body’s physical mechanics to heal emotional and psychic trauma within. She uses chiropractic in harmony with spiritual cleansing practices, sound therapy, meditation, folklore, and mysticism to move people along the path of healing and wholeness.

“I help people to become self-motivated and empowered to take care of themselves,” she says. Her clients range from those who are excited to grow spiritually to those who are experiencing physical pain. She helps those who are hungry for change to find the right path and the right tools.

Dr. Georgia’s vision is a big one. She speaks about the 100th Monkey Effect - that is, when a critical number of those who have learned a behavior or experienced wholeness has been reached, that behavior or wholeness suddenly spreads to others in unexplainable ways. “A spiritual revolution occurs, and it spreads…and global transformation and healing is possible.” Dr. Georgia believes and lives the vision that Sacred Mother Healing Center is a part of that “100th Monkey” effect.

“People come here, they experience the amazing power of the Divine and science converging, bringing them relief, healing, empowerment…and their minds are blown. They leave different from when they arrived,” she says.

Dr. Georgia received her Doctorate in Chiropractic Care from Life University in California. Her specialty is Reorganizational Healing (ROH) which is one of the most researched and documented healing modalities. This includes Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI).

“At Sacred Mother Healing Center we are using emerging concepts for wellness, healing, and personal growth. This gives people the tools to self-assess and draw on their own strengths to create sustainable change in their body, mind, and spirit,” Dr. Georgia Herrera says. “The reality is, the planet has transitioned; there is a hunger for integration between spirit and science, between healing and sustainable wholeness. We are standing at the center of that transition at Sacred Mother Healing Center.”

Besides the chiropractic, Sacred Mother Healing Center offers a variety of amazing services and programs that are designed to empower people in their own journey of wholeness. Sacred Sound Concerts by Michael Burke , free meditations, life coaching and massage therapy are just part of what is offered. Dr. Georgia plans to add a tea shop to create a relaxed and welcoming environment for Roswell “tourists” that walk Canton Street visiting the interesting shops and boutiques.

Outside, on the lawn, a labyrinth is devoted to meditation and contemplation. It is a magical place of serenity in a very busy location.

Hundreds of people are being touched and healed by Dr. Georgia’s unconventional and trail-blazing healing center. Sacred Mother Healing Center is growing in reputation and reach, largely through word of mouth and quality of service.

Dr. Georgia’s commitment to a life of devotion, love and service attracts many lightworkers who seek healing, empowerment and coaching.

Visit Sacred Mother Healing Center soon, and experience for yourself the amazing sense of peace, love and empowerment that permeates the place.

Sacred Mother Healing Center is located at 1025 Canton Street, in Historic Roswell. You can text at 678-707-1193, and visit the website at

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