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  • Carl Llabres

"The Revolutionists" at 7 Stages


by Carl Llabres, For Aquarius Magazine

The Revolutionists, a play written by Lauren Gunderson and directed by Heidi S. Howard is a sardonic, riotous farcical time warp with a just a twist of theater of the absurd for comedic balance that runs through March 20th, 2016 at 7 Stages Theatre, in Little Five Points. The play delivers a memorable series of one two punches to the face of despair and re-invention. Exploring the reality of writing and its cultural impact from a writer's perspective takes on an alternative reality when four characters (one fictional enslaved African Woman and three true historical characters: doomed Queen Marie Antoinette, feminist Olympe de Gouges and assassin Charlotte Corday) get to re-write their own personal histories through the interactions from the play Olympe de Gouges (played by the commanding Stacy Melich ). These attemps to re-write personal history before facing the guillotine deal rigorously with the subjects of gender inequality, exploitation, historical misrepresentation, racial tension - all tackled with sophisticated humor and disarmingly honest wit. Marie Antoinette (a gutsy humorous portrayal by Park Krausen) bonds with Marianne, a slave in the Caribbean French colonies(played by the talented Parris Sarter) sharing stories of Marie Antoinette's lust for ginger haired Thomas Jefferson and Louis XVI's urological mishaps. The pair also bond with Charlotte Corday ( played by the memorable Rachel Frawley), the female avenger of the French Revolution who describes her role in the assassination of Jean Paul Marat as an erotic encounter. All these complex interactions are held together from Olympe's play's point of view before facing her mortality. The play depicts the fork in the road a writer faces by the effect of the power of the words they write and the retribution they must face when a higher truth is exposed. Do they claim their own power or do they give it away fearing retribution? In this case, the fear of retribution was bypassed for the achievement of immortality. 7 Stages Theatre is located in the heart of Little Five Point in Atlanta at 1105 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, 30307. For tickets call the box office at (404) 523-7647 or for more about the season, visit Also currently running is Breakaway and more; don't miss their next production of Inside 1, the story of a boy obsessed with escapist world of video which opens April 21st.

Picture 1- Revolutionist play photo by Stungun Photography. Picture 2- Cast L to R Park Krausen, Parris Sarter, Rachel Frawley and Stacy Melich. Photo by Stungun Photography Carl Llabres, is a cultural writer for Aquarius Magazine and has degrees in metaphysics and creative writing.


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