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Do Not Miss Synchonicity Theatre's Delightful "Fancy Nancy, the Musical" for Kids and the Entire Family-Runs Through March 19th

by Carl Llabres

"Fancy Nancy, the Musical" is a high energy, hilarious and moving production from Synchronicity Theatre (located at 1545 Peachtree Street N.W. at One Peachtree Pointe in the Invesco Building Atlanta, GA 30309), running from February to March 19, 2016. The winsome and enchanting production is directed by Julie Skrzypek in collaboration with Rachel May, the producing artistic director based on the book by Jane O'Connor which promises not only to be engaging, humorous, fast paced musical entertainment for children (ages 3-9 approximately) but also a family show with heart and with an upbeat positive message.

The story centers around Nancy (played by the memorable Ashley Anderson), a little girl who loves butterflies and who's biggest aspiration is to play a mermaid with her best friend Bree ( a charming Jimica Collins)and friends Lionell (played by Sterling McClary who shows his comedic chops as a rapping, Macarena dancing, hip hopping, MC Hammer emulating shark in the school play), Rhonda ( a humorous Becca Potter) and Wanda (an endearing Stephanie Earle) in a school play. Nancy has a natural affinity for all things "fancy" as an exuberant precocious fashion forward child. Devastation befalls on Nancy's youthful world when she finds out that she was not chosen to play the allegorical mermaid role and is offered to play a monotonous, lackluster, irksome tree. A devastated Nancy is consoled by her nurturing Mother (a talented Caitlin Thomas White)but fates intervenes as the hapless originally chosen girl for the part sprains her ankle avoiding to hit a reckless, hirsute, wayward feline with her bike. However, without sinking into a dreadful spoiler alert, through the process, Nancy discovers a higher call, the meaning of friendship, the beauty of sharing, caring for a friend and in the process becoming the best she can be and that is what becomes "fancy", the inner security that becomes charisma beaming from self acceptance. As a butterfly that undergoes transformation, this little girl grows up beautifully and fully embracing her sense of self.

Synchronicity Theater was originally located at 7 Stages and moved later to the 14th Street Playhouse but has now found a new sleek permanent home near the Midtown and Ansley Park restaurant and entertainment district which is located at 1545 Peachtree Street NE # 102, Atlanta, Georgia (in the Invesco Building). Box Office number is 404 484 8639. Next production is the world premiere of the civil rights themed presentation of Beyond Reasonable Doubt, the Troy Davis Project which will include an open discussion and dialogue session for intellectual exchange after each performance. For more details check out their website:


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