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  • Cathy H. Burroughs and Carl Llabres

The Long Island Medium Takes Atlanta Live at the Fabulous Fox

If there was any doubt of the efficacy, talent and gifts of TLC's paranormal discovery medium Theresa Caputo now in her 6th season with her highly rated television show The Long Island Medium they were put to rest (pun intended) in the 3,000 person packed house at Atlanta's historic Fox Theatre recently. I think we can safely say we were all pretty fully convinced: Theresa Caputo is the real deal.

Following a moving Star Spangled Banner, Caputo known as both an “average Long Island wife and mother" and for both her off the cuff spontaneous and detailed access to the deceased makes her dramatic appearance and hershow gets off the ground with a bang. Caputo is present and live in all her splendor – a diaphanous sleeveless sequined cocktail dress, big hair, preternaturally long nails and signature glitzy and over the top 6 “ Christian Louboutin heels – her version of Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz. After commending and honoring our service people (I wonder why more people don’t do this – it was very moving!), she launched into her feverishly rapid-fire, and death defying patter on how she works, what to expect and that she couldn’t possibly read everybody in the theater, so not to expect it. All of this is projected on a massive screen which will then project all of her readings up close and personal throughout the evening.

A petite powerhouse of unrestrained tough love empathy, the lovely and street smart Caputo who periodically swears like a sailor addresses our deepest fears (death, pain, loss) and highest hopes (the survival of the human soul) in the most unexpected packaging. The author of two popular books, the recently released New York Times’best-selling “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” and her earlier book “There’s More to Life Than This” comes across as a "down to earth" petite New Jersey accented blonde, rocking a Nancy Sinatra-Dusty Springfield 60's retro nearly beehive hairdo while sporting a mini dress and signature sparkling shoes and nails noticeable even from the nose bleed seats at the Fox theater (where that yellow feathered boa wearing Astrologer/Psychic co-writer Cathy Burroughs placed Carl her co-writer. This would be our only suggestion: To be on the safe side do buy orchestra seats. You are more likely to connect with Mrs. Caputo from that vantage point and she to you and your deceased ones).

Mrs. Caputo straddles the worlds of the living and of the dearly departed with ease and her disarmingly direct, no-nonsense approach together with uncanny detailed descriptions and messages provide validation after validation. Armed with her microphone and steadfast, animated determination, Caputo went where spirit dared to lead, establishing communication with random members of the crowd that cold late January Atlanta night.

She shared with us the downside of being a medium: there is always someone trying to disprove or disparage what she does, but that evening at the Fox, none of that attitude was observed. On the contrary, the crowd was open and anxious to receive information from their lost relatives and many of us often found ourselves fighting tears.

Here are some of the highlights of some of her most dead-on hits from that night:

*A father was reminded of his son’s fastidiousness when he relayed a message to his dad to please clean his car.

*One woman’s departed husband kept glancing into a mirror and preening in Caputo’s vision. His wife laughingly confirmed he had been quite vain in life.

*One mother came through asking her son why he had altered her Red Velvet Cake recipe to her son’s shock and confirmation. Apparently he had just made this recipe and had, indeed, made the modification. She also mentioned his cockatoo in great detail again to his shock!

*A father who had passed away recently from cancer, let her daughter know not to take anger and rage at his passing out on her husband who was not aware that his wife was planning to get a tattoo in honor of her father. The poor woman's jaw dropped when Theresa picked up on her unshared plans. Theresa declared her father thought her husband was “a saint".

*A deceased son who had been a fireman as was his dad came through to comment on the fact that they had put his badge number on their helmets as a tribute. The startled father verified this.

*A recently departed mother let her daughter know that she was aware that she was trying to sew some old fabric that belonged to her in life into her wedding bouquet. Again this was reinforced by the daughter.

* A father who passed away after being in a coma thanked his daughter for taking him off life support. This relieved a huge burden of guilt from the daughter.

* An unexpected reading came for a mother who had lost a two week old child from the child herself giving her the go ahead to please try to have another child.

For two and a half intense and heightened hours, Theresa Caputo roved, sometimes precariously tottering on her Louboutin's, the Atlanta’s Fox Theater with her camera crew bringing her powerful messages from beyond, reuniting families and bringing resolution in her inimitable, trademark head-on and spot on Caputoesque way.

Learn more about Theresa at

Cathy H. Burroughs is an internationally noted psychic, medium, healer and astrologer who writes frequently for The Aquarius and others. She appears in the media and provides psychic and world class entertainment for private and corporate events. Her appearance on Q-100’s The Bert Show attracted more than 1,000 callers due to the accuracy of her predictions., email: or cell/text: (404) 543-1080. Carl Llabres writes frequently about the metaphysics and the arts for Aquarius Magazine.


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