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Stargazing - Horoscopes by Ariel Rose

Aries - This is the most sensitive and reflective time of the year for the Ram. The influence of Pisces drives your usually extroverted nature inward and you'll crave peace, serenity and time to recover from all your adventures. Light candles, take a soothing salt bath and enjoy some serious 'you' time! Your work and personal energy are positive, but also a little more secretive. Work from home if possible or on your own for the best outcome.

Taurus - You'll be feeling independent, restless and outspoken this month! Don't be surprised if something political or societal in nature gets your dander up - you aren't in the mood to sit by and let injustices or poor behavior go unchecked. Career and personal image are powerful now. You could be given more responsibilities or decide to change directions on the job. Your personal power might cause others to be jealous of you, so avoid negative people who want to mess with your spotlight.

Gemini - Often the dreamy energy of Pisces is difficult for Gemini to maneuver. Simply because the fish is too vague in conversation while the twins thrive on clear, crisp communication. However, for this month you have great high-lights to your career and creative ability. Push forward with a big presentation or project, especially if it expresses your higher mind and spirit. If you find relationships to be confusing now, wait until April for better clarity.

Cancer - Write down everything you feel a positive, nurturing home environment should provide and be. Your powers of manifestation are better than ever for bringing your vision to life. Activation to your Soul Line is giving you beautiful strength and more optimism to get extra work done. Include your true soul's family (biological or not) on your adventure. You might be doing a physical home renovation, moving to a new location or taking a group vacation - the choice is yours!

Leo - Mystery and passion will surround you this month and you'll feel more drawn to intensity and depth of emotion. You might be so focused on doing your own thing that others perceive you to be aloof or cooler than usual. This probably won't bother you, because you're craving a little privacy right now. Taking time to do something creative for yourself will feel extra rewarding - especially if it's connected to children or animals.

Virgo - Home, family and personal relationships are strong themes this month. It could be time to do some soul searching in regards to your personal identity and how it connects to these aspects of your life. If you feel your own dreams and personal interests getting drowned out by everyone else's, start making room to invest in yourself again. It could take some effort, but you'll feel way clearer and calmer in the long-run.

Libra - Your spiritual life could be facing a long needed overhaul this month. If you're growing past your current path and need fresh inspirations, people with deeper compassion or a broader horizon it's the perfect opportunity. Search out a new group, pick up a book that interests you or join a friend at their spiritual practice. The very act of being flexible and open-minded will greatly lift your heart and put a spring back in your step!

Scorpio - This month will have you focusing on the future and your highest ideals. If you don't feel content with your current path in life, it could be time to formulate a plan to get back to what your spirit really desires. Money could be a little tight due to the needs of a friend, partner or child. You may also feel more romantic and demonstrative in love - listening to music with a loved one can be a perfect way to relax and connect.

Sagittarius - The movement of Mars into your sign on the 5th brings you greater energy and drive to get you out of the doldrums. This positive boost will help you to overcome any confusion or difficulty you might experience in your personal relationships. Everyone is more sensitive right now, including you - so be patient and gentle with them and yourself. Get out for some fresh air and channel any frustrations into activity.

Capricorn - The fluidity of Pisces is like a welcome rain shower on the dry earth. Most goats will flourish this month and enjoy greater ease of communication and ideas. Creative or romantic pursuits are favored. You may also feel a little more adventurous and willing to pioneer a new path in your life or take a calculated risk. Getting away for a vacation or break from your daily routine can be a great benefit at this time.

Aquarius - Personal finances could be a concern, and you might end up spending money even if you don't want to. Try to simplify this month and avoid any unnecessary purchases. You are feeling independent and adventurous and it could be hard to hold back on making broad sweeping changes now. Too much shift could cause upsets in your relationships, so seek to include others in your decision making.

Pisces - Happy birthday Pisces! You are extra charming and poetic this month, with plenty of opportunities for romance and making new friends. You're ready to expand your personal relationships and make them more fulfilling. If your current relationship isn't meeting your needs, you might just swim away altogether for a happier change of scene. You are brimming with inspiration and optimistic ideas for the future, so speak your truth!

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