• Cassandra Worthy

Pouring Honey

“Great words are a honeycomb, sweet to the Soul and healing to the bones.”

-Proverbs 16:24

Dear Humanity,

Something has happened. Something wonderful. You are in touch with spirituality. Whatever that means or looks like…you are making continuous conscious effort on a spiritual journey. You realize there is greatness inside. You recognize and allow that greatness as infinite and your Divine Right. You have changed because of this knowing and allowing. You have become more invested in the cause (mind, heart, Soul, and Spirit) and less distracted by the effect (the physical world we see before us). You’re getting it. WE are getting it. We have it.

We sense the phenomenal power that dwells within…and have learned how to become one with it. The good overshadows the bad in the world of effect. We are past the brink of a great shift in consciousness. Our children learn about Divine Energy, power of intention, and manifestation and are realizing authentic success as a result. There is a thirst and a hunger for more that’s now inward facing. We have come to know ourselves. We have come to know the God that dwells within. We have realized we are God. We recognize and embrace the God that unites everything. We recognize we are all intricately woven into a tapestry of God…every thread contributing to its Greatness.

It is a new now. A now filled with individual consciousness taking active, jubilant part in expanding collective conscious. A now filled with love, respect, honor, and nurture for each other as ourselves. A now filled in recognition of Source, Love, Energy, God, Jesus, Jehovah, Mother Nature, Infinity…in all. Yeah. Something happened. I want you to know that I see it. And I’m with you. I’m doing my part…I’m diving inward in oneness with you. I’m experiencing authentic success through my contributions to you and the Universe. I rest in gratitude for your encouragement, wisdom, and inspiration. We are God. Together. Forever.

-The Love that Dwells Within

What words of honey do you pour out in positive affirmation to humanity?

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