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Legacy of the Divine Tarot

MARCH 2016

10 OF COINS: March is shaping up to be a month of abundance, with good things happening. See the results of your work and efforts start flowing to you as you enjoy the bounty that is on the way. You may experience abundance not just in finances, but in any area related to the physical world—job/career, health, home, and/or sense of stability and security. Start out the month by visualizing what you want and do the work that is needed to make it happen. If you have already put forth the energy, be patient as you see what unfolds.

JUDGEMENT: This month would be a good time to evaluate where you would like to see yourself in the next several months or the year. Feel rejuvenated and inspired to do something different that can help propel you forward. Perhaps you are ready for a change or just want to focus on something new. Take stock of where you are and ask yourself questions such as “Am I happy with my life right now?” “Is there anything I can be doing besides my same routine?” “Am I ready for a change?” “Should I take a risk and see where it leads?” Remember that there are unlimited possibilities waiting for you if you will just give yourself a chance to explore them.

QUEEN OF SWORDS: Do your best to stand in your own truth and let your authentic self shine through. Take action based on what your intuition is telling you to do rather than accepting what others want you to do. Listen to your heart, for it is the source of who you truly are. Do not give away your power to others by letting them make decisions for you, nor allow them to sway your thinking despite doubts that their way may not be best. Listen to your own inner self and go with your gut instinct.

9 OF CUPS: Satisfaction and fulfillment can be yours this month, because good things are in the works. Look forward to positive outcomes that will bring you joy and delight. As with the 10 of Coins, success is on the horizon, and this is another indication that you are on the right track. Whatever you have done up to this point has been part of your divine path, so give yourself credit for all the positive actions you have taken. Sit back for a while and enjoy the abundance that you so richly deserve. Be grateful for all that you have accomplished and all that you will do in the future.

TRENDS FOR THE MONTH: What a beautiful month March is shaping up to be! Both the 10 of Coins and 9 of Cups bode well for you enjoying the results of the work and effort you have expended. Look for abundance not only in major things such as financial gain or a job upgrade, but in the everyday little things that can bring enjoyment and satisfaction on a smaller but equally important level. The other two cards, Judgement and Queen of Swords, encourage you to look objectively at yourself and ask honest questions. While in this feeling-good space of things going well, take time to look deeply within to get to the core of your authentic self and recognize the truth of how you want to live your life. Then you will be able to bask in continued joy and contentment.

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