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Dear Dream Experts,

I dreamt my husband and I are supposed to go to Hawaii. We are packing our suitcases and getting ready. The plane is delayed, so we take our time getting ready. We are packing, showering, etc. I imagine what to wear in Hawaii. We drive to the airport and a bunch of people came to pick us up. It was late at night and we still didn’t know yet if the plane took off. I hope it didn’t. I think about calling from the car to check on the flight status.


Worried Traveler

Dear Worried Traveler,

To better understand the message, you must describe Hawaii in 2 words. You want to get into this frame of mind (whatever you think of Hawaii). For example, if you describe Hawaii as a relaxing place, you desire to be more mentally relaxed. You fear you won’t be able to get into that frame of mind (plane is delayed). You are preparing mentally to get into this new frame of mind by cleansing your mind (shower) and gathering different forms of self-expression (packing clothes). When you are fully aligned with this new way of thinking, you will make the flight!

Dear Dream Experts,

I am at my friend’s house that is normally dirty and messy and crowded. In the dream her house was clean and organized and I was amazed. My friend was sitting in a chair talking about some health problems she had. I noticed the room was dark, so I turned on a light. I go outside walking, and I guess I walked too close to a man’s front door, so he came out and chased me. I ran from him, and eventually ended up in a restaurant. The man sat with me and we ate food and talked together.



Dear Shocked,

You are surprised that you have been able to organize your thoughts (clean house), and you recognize there is some thinking related to disorganization that needs correcting because your friend who is disorganized was sick. You are gaining more awareness (turning on the light) about this part of yourself. You are also learning (eating food) about a part of yourself that seemed to be your adversary (man chasing you and later eating with him). This dream emphasizes how awareness changes everything! We hope you continue to enjoy the never ending journey of learning about yourself.

Dream Expert,

I dream that my friend John (who looked like an old landlord of mine who never returned some money) came over with a banana bread and told me it would cost $1,000. I was shocked how much he was charging. for it, but I wrote the check anyway. At home I was complaining to my parents how much I spent. My dad reminded me of a bad deal I had made once in a negotiation. I talked with Patrick and my sister and decided I would stop the check payment. However, it was later that I realized I hadn’t called the bank yet to stop the check and now they were closed.



Dear Cheap,

Money in a dream represents self-value, and food is knowledge. The theme of this dream centers around how much you value certain knowledge. There is a part of yourself that you feel steals from you (John- who looks like a landlord that stole from you) and overvalues knowledge (overcharging for banana bread). You invest in some knowledge (purchasing the banana bread) but later regret it because you feel the knowledge is overvalued ($1,000 for banana bread). Your higher self reminds you that you have miscalculated the value of things (doing a bad investment). This dream suggests the need for you to examine your values, and only focus on those things that matter most to you.

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