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Awakening The Goddess - The Divine Feminine

Spring is here this month and we can already see and smell the Earth breaking way for the spring flowers to bloom and the emergence of buds on the trees. You may even notice the grass getting greener. What a wonderful sign of the returning fertility to our hemisphere. We to have been in a bit of hibernation as the colder weather and shorter days kept us indoors, producing more melatonin for the lazier days. Now is a great time for us to emerge too and a perfect time for a little spring cleaning both physically and mentally. Spring cleaning has been a custom in many cultures for eons, to rid the home of the drab, dark and historically dingy time of the year. The custom was once used to clean the soot from the home when oil, candles and fireplaces were common. Today we can use this time to both clean up our homes and rid them of unwanted items and clothes, but we to can use this time to mentally clean house.

Mental spring cleaning helps us to let go of what is not serving our purpose anymore, so that we can make way for new things in our lives. It’s a great time for clearing up any broken communications with friends and loved ones, cutting ties if needed, but moving on with grace. Spiritually, this is a great time for me to look at my daily practice and give it a new year makeover, so that I can make way for a prosperous year. I clean my altar and add some fresh spring flowers to it and decorate it for the Ostara Sabbat adding symbols of fertility, prosperity and abundance. I add coins, painted eggs, green candles and Goddess imagery that would coincide with my coveting of good fortune. I also take a look at what classes, retreats, festivals and social gatherings I might possibly want to attend for the season. It gives me the chance to look at the new connections I want to make and places I would like to see. I confirm the availability in my schedule, confirming to the mind that I am ready for something fresh and new. This is how manifestation or magic can begin to set in.

Now that we have cleaned up and are spiritually ready to take on the fresh newness of spring, we have to remind ourselves that just as we have made way for new and sent our intentions out to the ethers, we must also take action. So, in bringing in our prosperity and abundance we must also walk our talk. Action and persistence to achieve your abundance will undoubtedly payoff if you are aligned with what you are here to offer the world. In search of our abundance or money we must also focus on what that might look like for us. For myself I like to look at money as energy, as is everything we are surrounded by. My word is energy, my goals are energy, my work is energy, and therefore needs to have an equal exchange. In a spiritual sense many have shamed the spiritual teacher, practitioner, guru, for accepting money for their knowledge and feel as if it should be gifted or given away. I find this thinking preposterous! How does one survive if they are teaching or healing without pay? We can’t see a Doctor without paying them for their knowledge or get a gallon of milk without paying the grocery store, which pays the manufacturing company, who pays the farmer. In today’s time we are not afforded the luxury of our neighbors seeking knowledge and healing, thus returning the energy by giving of ones valuables including groceries, animals, and other trinkets. We instead use currency, the green, Benjamin’s, whatever you want to call that energy that happens to sustain us.

As you manifest and exchange your energies this month rejoice in the knowledge that your energy in the form of money helps sustain many live as it passes through the hands of your employer, to you and then on to the banker, the grocery store, the manufacturers and the farmers. Money is a great big circle of life, choose to use it in a positive way in alignment with your purpose and see the blessings in it’s energy.

Blessed Be

Crystal Starshine

#AwakeningtheGoddess #March

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